A few random YOLO pulls

The little day-by-day banners have proven… interesting. I’ve gotten a few big pulls from these and I’m wondering what to do with them as far as building or other options.

My free pull from the free event unit banner was Picnic Felicia with +Def/-HP. Weird set but I’m not complaining (last year gave me Winter Ephraim so I would have been okay with pretty much anything, lol).

The most recent batch of units… I kid you not, it just chucked Fiora my way on the first summon. Her IV’s are +Spd/-HP.
Side note, what the heck is with the Pegasus Flight skill?

And then, from the BHB banners…

SHEEEEEEP!! :sheep:
… Genny with +Atk/-Res. Far better than the last one I pulled, thankfully. Yayz! :feh_genny_mug:

Next up… Tana with +HP/-Res…? Odd set but slightly more HP with a skillset like hers is kind of welcome. Has a few useful-looking skills too.

And last on the list… Adrift Corrin-F with +Spd/-Res. On hand I’m a little disappointed it’s not the Hector I was trying to summon but I’ll take it. That Res bane kinda hurts, but it’s not the worst thing that could have happened.
And now she completes the whole Valla batch for me XD

So any thoughts on what to do with this bunch?


Get em all to 40 and WAIT. You’ll want to +10 them eventually, and none of them have incredible (save for Fiora) skills that’d heavily benefit their recipient. Felicia seems like a special fighter fodder, but she isn’t. She will be incredible at +10. I’ll FEH builder her and get right back to you.


Dragon/beast bane

Honestly, I highly doubt I will ever get ANY of these to +10 (the strongest unit to my name right now is M-Grima at +4, and out of all the summons it took only two of them were Focus pulls), but the build advice is appreciated.
DC on her is definitely tempting… I still have an extra Hector sitting around that I’m not sure what to do with yet.

I’d say hang onto that Hector. Guarantee there’ll be someone who pops up in a few weeks/months that’ll desperately want it. And everyone will be +10 eventually. … Eventually…
And btw Corrin can also be extremely well rounded

AF!Corrin is cool I use her quite often. Here’s mine

Well. Basically it

  1. Checks if your unit has more speed assuming the opponent had -7 speed. So for instance if Caeda has 40 speed and L!Marth has 47 speed, it activates. If Caeda has 48 spd and L!Marth has 47 speed, it activates. If Caeda has 39 spd and L!Marth has 47, it doesn’t activate.

  2. Checks res compared to opponent and divides the difference by half. For instance if Caeda has 40 res and L!Marth has 20 it gives -10 atk/Def to L!Marth (though it caps at 7)

What does this mean? It means you need high speed AND high res to proc it successfully and get hopefully a -7 to opponent’s Atk and Def.

Good users are Caeda, and Clair

Also I dunno wether to fodder Fiora or not. My brain says that those are good IVs but the other part of my brain doesn’t like her and wants to kill her for Caeda

Hang onto her. As always, there will be someone else waiting in the wings (ha) who will have more res than you’re expecting and have some insane weapon that’ll make them incredibly useful (i.e. Ms. Mirage Feather who attacks without retaliation and +6 Atk/Spd minimum.)

Yeah, I tried summoning for her before but got pitybroken twice in the process (although one of said pitybreaks was Micaiah, so I’m not too mad at that one). Her skills look borderline busted.
Ah well. She’ll come along again at some point.

They are. Think of Claire but stronger. Lacking the flashing blade but inherent Atk/Spd solo 3 and desperation w/o health requirement.