A!Fjorm +10 showcase + Q/A

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share my recent success in completing Ascendant Fjorm, and I would love some assistance on determining her best “A” slot.


To be honest, Fjorm was kind of an impulse choice for me. I was saving to finish my +6 L!Dimitri coming next month so that I would have three Legendaries completed for attempting Tier 21 consistently. However, when I saw A!Fjorm, I was intrigued by her unique playstyle… a fast armour with a very distinct role as a Far Saviour. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed her as a character.

I only had 450 orbs at the time, but I thought I would see how my free pulls went and go from there. After I pulled x2 copies back to back with my tickets, I thought I’d take it a few more summons and see how things went. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but somewhere around 20 pulls I got another copy before sparking at 40. So, x4 copies in around 150 orbs.

At this point, I felt somewhat committed: what would I do with x4 copies of Fjorm if not merge her as a project? By the 450 mark I had pulled x9 copies… 9! (plus x2 Mamori’s and x1 Hilda).

Well… now I was really committed. I ended off at 3.75% pity, so I kept saving until 13 orbs and would try again. On Sunday I pulled my 10th copy, and then early this morning I pulled the last one.

In total, I believe it would come to around 550 orbs spent. Probably sabotaged my chance of finishing L!Dimitri next month, but… I really can’t complain!

Here she is :slight_smile:

I’ve been experimenting with her a lot in arena, and I believe I’ve determined that Deflect Missile is probably her best option for SS (I believe she still scores optimally with it). Lynja and L!Lief are just so prominent and brave weapons are obviously her undoing… Mystic boost is great, but I’ve found the DR of Deflect Missile to be more consistent. Still open to thoughts!

I’m now trying to determine her best “A” slot. A Stance skill makes logical sense considering her play style is primarily enemy-phase… however, I find that her partial NFU almost omits the need for Guard considering her special is designed to one-round most range units. Also, I’ve been paralyzed a few times by the likes of Ruse/Sabotage and Menaces, so a Unity could be smart.

I’m wondering if anyone has rationale/thoughts on what her best “A” slot would be? I’ve included a poll below with all the possible options I have for fodder.

  • Steady Posture 3
  • Kestral Stance 3
  • Swift Stance 3
  • Mirrow Stance 3
  • Atk/Spd Unity
  • Atk/Def Unity
  • Atk/Res Ideal 4
  • Distant Defence 4
  • Life and Death 4 (as per Akariss’ recommendation)

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All in all, I’m very pleased to have finished her in the amount of orbs I had: she’s a high-scoring, unique Far Saviour, and I’m excited to put her to use in both AR and Arena alike.

Thanks for reading and/or your assistance! :slight_smile:


That is some absolutely insane luck, congrats. Here’s the statistics:

The last copy can be considered the spark.


Thanks! Yeah - I tried to find the percentage… It’s somewhere around 0.3% :catsupine:

Don’t really know what to say… other than I’m incredibly thankful :catdance:


Anyway, on topic. I like having guard, but if you are confident you don’t need/want it I would say atk/spd unity or distant def. 4.

Unity is great obviously, and I feel those stats are the most likely to get hit with debuffs and also the ones that would benefit her the most.

DD4 is just trading guard for null buffs, which in arena can be game changer.


Yeah, I hadn’t thought of Distant Defence 4 until I was making the poll. It really solidifies her role as an EP range tank (which she’s supposed to be). However, it’s also a little counterproductive when facing threats like V!Lief: the higher his “damage”, the greater chance she has of finishing him or at least putting a solid dent in him (speaking from experience).


Depends on if you use her in AR or Arena really. Buffs are common in one and not the other, Leif is common in one and not the other. So that’s how that goes.




550 orbs for a 5* exclusive +10… I do hate you a little bit now but congrats. That’s insane luck and she looked awesome.


I spent more for my 5 Annettes on Sunday than you did for 11 Fjorms (she took 603 Orbs out of me)

That is some of the stupidest luck I’ve seen. I hope she serves you well


gib luck :fgo_seibagun:

and grats! she looks awesome


I vote steady posture but more for the bulk than the guard
Steady posture a slot with spd/res form seal slot gives a ton of spd and bulk


Thanks :sweat_smile:
I always feel conflicted when I have good odds: on one hand… it’s amazing and I can’t wait to share with others! On the other hand, I know not everyone has those experiences, and I’m not trying to gloat or make anyone jealous.

I appreciate the support regardless :slight_smile:


Congrats on finishing her! She looks amazing. I voted Atk/Spd Unity as that’s what I will be aiming for, but I have not as much experience with her as you do.

I agree that her A skill is not that great on her. Guard only matters against brave weapons and against those, the seal should be enough.

I pulled another Fjorm myself and she is now +3 (or can be, not sure if I should merge or fodder Hardy Fighter yet). My plan is to go for merges the next time she shows up.


Nice! Yeah, I’m tempted to try and pull one more to fodder to B!Hector. The two of them would be nasty on AR-D. Not sure if I should push my luck, though.

I’ll probably try Fjorm in arena for a bit with her native Posture and see how it goes. If I’m getting pinched by debuffs or lack of attack, I’ll consider giving Unity to her.


My own pursuit of +10 Fjorm is going well too!



If I had your luck I would start to question reality




I’ll do some speed-check comparisons against the likes of Lynja and other major speed threats. Problem with Lynja is that she can get fast enough to quad and that’s where Deflect Missile is helpful. If Spd/Res Form can get Fjorm to a comparable speed, then the extra bulk could be worth it for all other matchups. But if she can’t, then I feel like capitalizing on her ATK/Spd in the “A” slot and using Deflect Missile might be better for securing kills and, consequently, sustainability. Bit of an odd balance.


That’s some insane luck. Congrats!


I don’t think Lynja has a desperation effect, with her extremly frail bulk, she will die from retaliation, so SPD check doesn’t matter against Lynja.


I voted ATK/SPD Unity because Fjorm ATK/SPD is high enough to eat up every ATK/SPD shrine that exist.

Tbh her base-kit is good enough.
It’s just that if you WANT a max SPD A!fjorm, then you need unity.

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Really SPD check mainly matters against desperation effect or reduce damage effect (B!Lysithea/Nyx/B!Marianne/ what else :grey_question: )

Other than that… not much. Bulky units won’t double her, frail unit will die from retaliation cus ice mirror damage are quite good.

People are obssessed with her SPD but it’s good against very specific match-up.