A forgotten alt, found in the attic of my barracks

I did some checking around my barracks (mostly to remind myself what I do have.)
And found 2 of the old mounted Chrom, one being +spd.
Then I realized just how shockingly little I ever hear from him he seems to be very much forgotten. Maybe due to him being a tad hard to use. But…

I realized time has given him a new tool, one that could carve out a way for him.
Darting Blow seal.

So… How would he look?

Not perfect on high hp, but once he drops he stats below max.
With the Sealed Falchion his stats reach: 62/39/42/25
45 spd using the darting blow.
So desperation offences of 62/45 ain’t that shabby, huh?


He is pretty solid.I have him a + 2 (1 more speed and defense merely) but his Falchion buffs and movement makes him a force to be reckoned with.

I remember when I first started playing, this guy was my go to unit. I summoner supported him at the time. I replaced him with Tibarn, but he still sees some use on occasion. He ain’t too shabby at all!

Exalted Chrom is good, but I replaced him with Cain, since Cain is sooo much better than him in my cav emblem team.

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I think that if you have a Fallen Berkut you could damage him with Kriemhild and he would initially already have +5 speed from his weapon. Darting blow could then be replaced with a brazen skill. Unless you need more speed of course.

… That would be great, yes…

Without darting blow he’d only reach 39 spd. Which is a tad low to double.

I guess we"ll have to wait for a Brazen Atk/Spd seal then.

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Never understood the dislike for him. I still use calvary chrom

“I guess we"ll have to wait for a Brazen Atk/Spd seal then.”

Your prayers have been answered!


69 atk and 46 spd.
Not too shabby, huh.

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Now we can run the big boi like that. That +12 to all stats at 80% health and below!


My Friend’s Chrom

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