A fun (stupid) way to use command codes

I’ve been thinking.
What if I gave the healing codes (Fou’ s and the 2* ones) to one servant?
…It probably won’t do much with a max of 400 hp per turn

But I wonder what servant could make at least some use out of it.

Like jeanne De staller


Wait that’s a stupid way to use command code? I mean I did that to my servants in CN server… I use it on my solo houzoin. It guarantees 300 heal on NP turns and 400 on normal turns.

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Use it with this CC. Healing received gets a 50% boost for 1 time, 2 turns


Put healing CCs on Arash :fgo_morilaugh:


giving it to a solo-er or a ruler and maybe even mash probably wont be silly since it will add up. Any servant with healing up can work with it too,
such a shame 3*+ star ce’s 1 copy each and not possible to stack them.

Are there any cc’s that grant guts that you actually could use with arash?


I honestly don’t know, haven’t done much research on them yet and I’m just waiting for the more powerful ones before trying them.

Not sure if there are any guts CCs

Will the healing codes do something? Yes. Will that something significantly impact your odds of winning? Almost never. Would other command codes be more useful? Almost always.

Healing is categorically pretty weak in FGO (see: any recent discussion involving Tamamo). While the currently available command codes are all pretty worthless, healing codes are bottom of the list. I’d even say the trait damage ones are better, if used appropriately.

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I already did that in my Asterios solo of Abby memorial, put heal CCs on four out of five Asterios cards.


Yeah this sucks a lot.

At least I already know what to do with some of em

The dragon slayer ones are easy to just slap on him, who else is gonna use em.
But the 100% star gather… Ooh boy

I prefer Siegfried as my dragonslayer, since he has double buffs, high uptime and bulk.

But using Sigurd I’m liking him as burst crit more than I thought I would

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Since my roster is fairly limited, I was planning on giving the Heal CCs to Georgius, just to give an already strong taunt a little bit more durability when I use him to chain Arts and such…

@yoursenpai thinking if Marie or Nero. Marie or Nero. Both tanking monsters of their own accord.

Will it work on ones that already have 1 or 2 heal skills?

i.e. Marie or Nero.

I was planning to give 1 to Fujino as well lol

I wouldn’t bother with Marie. The only situation in which I can see healing CCs being at all useful would be solo/last stand, and she’s not good for that.

As for Nero, she needs extra damage much more than extra healing. Even if you wanted to go for more healing, You’d probably want to use Good Wife, Wise Fox, as increasing Nero’s self-heals by 50% will be a lot more effective than a negligible additional heal, and you don’t want the bonus getting consumed by Bless.

EDIT: One point I want to emphasize is that healing is generally pretty bad in turn-based games, as the opportunity cost is high. Unlike MMOs, you can’t treat fights like an endurance match, where you can rely on your healing output to match or exceed incoming damage in real-time. You have to treat healing more like a threshold mechanic, wherein it’s only valuable in certain denominations

Basically, a little bit of healing is worthless. If it isn’t enough to let you survive an extra turn, it literally accomplished nothing. Even if it does let you survive an extra turn, you have to question if going for more damage instead would have allowed you to win a turn earlier, anyway.


Last stand you say? Hmm…(Stares intently at cu)

Nah, I don’t see Cu having enough healing for the CCs to make a difference. The reason why mechanics like hit-based evades/invuls and guts are powerful because their effectiveness scales with your opposition. If a foe his for an average of 2k damage, Protection From Arrows is equivalent to a preemptive. 6,000 HP heal. Each individual guts proc is about the same value (since it will nullify 3 attacks).

In comparison, flat healing is negligible.

Yeah, I know that.
Still fun to imagine him being even more unkillable than before though.:)

Won’t it be better if you have more healing sources though? And it would be to the point where most of your Servants are beaten and they’re the last ones standing.

My Marie has a 60% higher heal (2500 -> 4000 and 600 -> 960) and my Nero has a 20% additional heal (3400 -> 4080 and 2000 -> 2400)