A funny interlude situation

Found an interesting case where the requirements to unlock the interlude don’t make much sense.

Thanks for the ‘upgrade’ there… :fgo_circereally:

Her second interlude unlocks at first ascension bond 3, but the skill being upgraded only unlocks at third ascension, leading to the funny situation you see above.
She would be at third ascension if not for the 29 evil bone requirement, I’m working on that

Do you know any other servants that can end up in silly situations like this?


luckily august ticket gives evil bone; so even if you don’t farm on it, nearly a whole month of daily mat tickets can let you ascend her.

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It’s been ages since I raised my Tamamo. Didn’t remember at all that she needed so many bones just for her Ascensions.

Oof my bones

Interesting. Mostly I leave Interludes and RUQ for after I take the servant AT LEAST to Max Ascension/Bond 5, so this never happened to me. Glad to see there’s a workaround and the game lets you do it anyway.

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In Enkidu’s Interlude, he mentions his Presence Detection being strengthened, allowing to Evade as well, after he reunites with Kingu’s remains.

Except that interlude only gives Quartz. Enkidu’s 2nd skill did get a strengthening… through a Rank Up quest and not an interlude… months earlier… and it required 4th Ascension while his Interlude only required 2nd ascension.

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Yeah I already had a bone backlog; I threw some spare tickets at the Story banner idly hoping for Valkyrie and out popped the Heian Huli! Checked her mat requirements and learned I was instantly in Bone Naraka… not complaining about an EX- rank 5* though! She’ll work great with my Arts Servants.

you can LITERALLY do da vincis first interlude as soon as you roll her
at lvl 1 bond 0
cause the only requirement is
finish solomon


Same with Sheba.
The first thing that popped up whdn rolling her: Interlude unlocked!