A funny thing about my Barracks

Having free summoned a Nils I have been enlightened to a trend in my Barracks…

Clearly I am swiftly becoming not a fan of HP comparison skills…


I get a lot of -Atk and -Spd 5-star units.


I’m ironically kinda the opposite.


I get +res infantry sword units a lot. My Mareeta, Ayra, Gray, and Mia are all +res. Both Mia and Ayra were +res -hp until I summoned another Mia and merged them. My legendary Eirika and a random Ares I summoned a long time ago are both +res -def

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I can deal with Bad IVs, like Infantry Pulse units with -hp just means they’ll work better with different teammates, but these skills that are comparing my units HP to that of the enemy… These just make me sad…

For me, it’s -Atk, like 75% of the time. F.

Though I will say, units usually come home with +Atk where it really counts, like my Duo!Ephraim. But it literally feels like it’s always one or the other with me!