A glimpse of Brave Claude Stats from FEH Channel

For like a frame of the FEH Channel, you could get a glimpse of Brave Claude Stats.


HP: 42
Atk: 50 (36 without weapon)
Spd: 40
Def: Hard to interpret (It’s either 27 or 30)
Res: 25

Note: Weapon may passive stat of +3, so not fully confirmed stats.

Weapon: Wind Parth-something
Special: Moonblow

A Skill: Fury 4
B Skill: Unknown (Looks like Duo Chill Skill)
C Skill: Unkown (Hard to decipher)

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It looks like it says 31 in the picture.

Wind Parthia.

People say it’s Chill Spd/Def, but I dunno for certain.


Well, at least Claude and Lysithea’s stats are pretty much confirmed. 2 less speculations to worry about.

There’s also Jorge if you’re counting him. They showed his stats in the video.

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im assuming bst should be…166-168?

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I almost forgot about him. Thanks for reminding me Krazyte :slight_smile:

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based on 42 + 36 + 40 + 27 + 25 = 170 bst. But considering his weapon may provide a stat boost of +3, then I’d say 167.

To simply put it, you’re right. Between 166-168.

why do we post this now for the 100th time


It is not. I think his hair is making it look like chill Def, but I think it is a new skill. Whether or not it is a PRF is up to IS to decide

Do second place units get prf skills?

One of my server peeps mentioned his C Skill looks like the Crest of Riegan, but other than that no clue what it is.

No, but they can break that pattern if they want. It’d at least be thematic to give the lords their crests as B skills, but they don’t have to I guess. Just hoping for good skills

It’s always a possibility he could get a prf skill. But trend of previous second place winners never get that. We can only wait and see.

because it’s trendy :slight_smile:

They could, but I think it’s safe to say that won’t be the case until we get actual proof.

And only way to do that is to wait, lol.

Yup. I really just want some good fodder skills. I don’t mind them, but I’m aiming for fodder. If there isn’t anything special, I’ll take my free summon, do a few circles, and get out.

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Same, I have no interest in using any of these units. So far it looks like Lysithia is the winner but that’s because I have no clue what anyone else has except for Claude having Fury 4 (yuck).

At least Lysithia has Atk/Spd Push 4 and Lull Spd/Res for Fallen Delthea, I guess.

A little off topic, but that screenshot reminded me of that meme:



Looking at the footage, Edelgard has some deflect-type effect going on since the mage is doing 75-60% less damage than the forecast says which might be promising, but Dimitri is an absolute mystery aside from DC and a potential Guard Bearing type effect (Bow deals 5 dmg, 2 less than the forecasted 7)

Edit: dug some more, Dimitri has a Breath effect too. And Edel has Armored Stride of some sort.

We also know dimitri will get DC or distant foil because he counter the bow cavalry, and Cd acceleration when the ennemy hit him because he fully charge noontime in 1 enneym attack

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