A guide on how to clear the Training Tower quests without being a bore

Every beggining of a month, I see players arguing about how tedious it is to complete the Training Tower quests because you have to do it fifteen times with a single movement type on your team, then repeat the process three times with another movement type.
For this reason, I’ve prepared a guide on how to get the job done while also getting a reward. No, I’m not talking about orbs, but another type of reward. And since Voting Gauntlets are always active during the first day of the month, I’ll be covering their quests as well.

First thing you should do is obviously pick four teams consisting of one movement type of each: Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, Flier. The key to choosing efficiently is how you select each member, which will be explained below.

These are the four teams I’m gonna use for the 10th Stratum, filtered by Hero Merit. What do most of these units have in common?

In case it’s difficult to notice, several of those have their Hero Merits close to multiples of 500, of which is the number of Hero Merit needed to get 500 feathers from that hero on the Home Menu. So basically what you’re gonna do is select the heroes whose Hero Merit is close to a multiple of 500, then proceed to the 10th Stratum to get the quests done.
Once a hero has enough Hero Merit to reward you with 500 feathers, you switch that hero with another one that is close to another multiple of 500 HM.

Oboro reached 5000 Hero Merit, so now I’m gonna switch her with another blue unit who’s gonna give me 500 feathers soon. I chose Ninian.

Of course, you don’t need to form a team of four different colors. This is just my way of making it more balanced.
From my example above, Leo is the closest to give me 6000 HM and I’ll switch to another red when that happens.

Then, repeat the process with the other single movement type teams until you clear all 10th Stratum quests. After clearing every quest, you can visit your heroes on the Home Menu and they’ll reward you with plenty of feathers :feh_feather: :fehbirb:

This is an old screenshot, btw


Now, we’re gonna talk about the Voting Gauntlet quests regarding the Training Tower.
I think the main issue is clearing the 2nd and 5th Stratum since players usually prefer leveling up on Special Maps and they don’t reward you with SP and EXP if using high leveled units. Let me show you how I do these.

After a summoning session, the first thing many players do is turn the non-5* units into manuals out of spite. When an event that has Training Tower quests is getting close - those being monthly quests, Voting Gauntlet, Grand Conquests, etc. - here’s my advice: don’t throw them away yet. Instead, pick a unit that you want to train and have it fight alongside 3 non desirable units.

I want to train Young Caeda, so I’ll form a team of her and other units that came in my summons

If you don’t have a team that you wish to grind SP or HM, you might need several units for those quests. Start by clearing the lower levels until you clear the 8th Stratum five times to get those 100 flags.
On the next days, you might face the problem of your team being too strong for 2nd and 5th Stratum quests on Rounds 2 and 3 of Voting Gauntlet and therefore not gaining EXP and SP. For these ones, you prepare another team to take on them, while the first team you created will be in charge of the 8th Stratum for the next rounds.

In short, it’s like this:

Team 12 for 8th Stratum, team 13 for 5th Stratum, team 14 for 2nd Stratum

Again, if one of the teams stop getting EXP and SP, it’s probably a good idea to train fresh new recruits to clear those quests while watching them grow stronger.

Once you clear the quests on the last round of the Voting Gauntlet and your 5-star units has trained enough, THEN you can throw away the other 3-4* units.


I wish you all a fun training and thanks for coming to my Potassium thread :feh_legion_miso:


Sounds like a great way to make these more interesting :feh_nini:
As for me though, I’ll probably just keep autobattling with Voting Gauntlet quests with my autobattle teams for low effort with a small HM bonus on the side :feh_legion_miso:
Training Tower quests is where I get some extra SP for units at the higher levels, and more autobattling at the lower levels :feh_faedance::feh_faedance2:


Man, this is a great source of info for using the [Training Tower], I salute the effort and appreciate what you did, I think this could get linked on the directory thread that’s pinned. :thinking:
I’ll bookmark this for now. :feh_nini::+1:t2:

I’m one of those players that actually use the [Training Tower] rather frequently and have no problem with it, during times neither of those are running: [Tempest Trials+], [Forging Bonds] — I’m not comfortable at all with letting my [Stamina] accumulate and reach the max and do nothing… so, most of the time, I waste it on the [Training Tower].
Sure, I do it for the [Orbs] but I also grind [Hero Merit], even if from time to time, that helps a great deal as an income of [Hero Feathers] in the long term, I normally cap the [Hero Merit] of units I like a little at least and/or seasonals (even demote ones) while keeping the mindset I’ll never get them as motivation to grind them.


I try to use newer units I’ve recently pulled or just in general non-op units. It gets boring sling-shotting a supertank into the thick of it and ending turn. If I don’t use newer units, I’ll try using my older but rarely if ever used units. 10th stratum is also a great opportunity to try out different team comps.


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A guide on how making training tower clear quest not boring :
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I wouldn’t trust auto for 10th Stratum single movement type quests. AI movement is trash.

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When you have over 800 stamina potions, you can brute force it.

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