A hero rises voting gauntlet banner 2023—summon 40 choose one free?

Hello all!

So I’d like to ask, for the “A Hero Rises 2023 Banner” coming out on the 22nd ( a hero rises 2023 L!Veronica, R!Ophelia, N!Camilla, and Demon King) does anybody know if we will get the 40 summons and then choose one free option? I really want special spiral 4 but I’ve had terrible luck lately and will probably only invest orbs if there is a guarantee of me getting at least one special spiral 4 at 40 summons. (I do have feh pass btw). Anyways, lmk if you know if the a hero rises 2023 banner has the 40 summons choose one free. Thanks!


I think all AHR banners come with a free spark, so yes, it should be on this one as well


I think this year the AHR banner will let us spark four times, once for each unit.


We will not only have 40 Summon Spark, but also 80, 120 and 160 Summon Sparks

Simple answer, yes we will and you won’t even need FEH pass to maximize your gains from the banner


I completely forgot this AHR banner would have four sparks. Definitely makes going in big worth it. Of course to get all four you need to pay between 635 and 795 Orbs, so I’d only try for multiple sparks if you’re merging one or more of these units (like I am with Veronica)