A (kinda) new player to the pvp scene looking for some advice on GBL

Hey there, I’m new here and recently I started playing this game more, mostly due to finding other people to play it with, since alone it was kinda boring to me after a few days.

So, this season of the GBL I actually did some research and ended up “fixing” two or three good IV mons to use in the GBL and ended up settling for the following team: Altaria, Probopass and Beedrill. I usually lead with Altaria.

I tried other pokemon instead of Beedrill but always ended up having trouble with Azumarill and/or Steel-types, so I took a shiny Beedrill from the CD and just kinda went with it. I reached Rank 7 yesterday but now things are getting way harder due to a very specific pokemon that is on almost every team I’m facing. Galarian Stunfisk.

I just have no way of hitting it for big damage without completely sacrificing either Altaria or Probopass to lower its HP and then using Beedrill and hopefully, with good shield baiting and a bit of luck, finally drop it. This strategy has a major flaw, however, and its that Beedrill itself is weak to Rock Slide, which every G-Stunfisk ever packs and completely decimates my team.

Outside of this matchup and outside of when people are packing Azumarill and a second Fairy-type just because, I think the team holds itself together decently. Although my matchup against Azu should improve when I finally teach Thunderbolt to my Probopass, as I only have Rock Throw and Magnet Bomb on it for now, so maybe that second very specific scenario will be covered.

For the record, my Altaria has Dragon Breath and then Sky Attack and Dragon Pulse, and my Beedrill has Poison Jab and then Drill Run and X-Scissor.

If anyone has some advice, tips, criticism of my team or comments about it, I’d love to read it, I want to improve in this game. Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for reading it xx

As a starting point, what Pokémon do you have access too? I assume as your Probopass only has one charge move, you are tight on resources? There are a ton of options for GL but there’s no point us piling in with Gunfisk counters if you don’t have them.

Do you have any of the water starters with CD moves or any good fighting types (fighting is a tricky type to pull off in GL but Toxicroak is a common pick for its ability to hit Azu and steels)? Grass is also an option to cover Azu as well as Gunfisk but will struggle with Registeel and common flying types will generally decimate them.

In terms of your current team, Probopass is the obvious candidate to swap out. In general, it’s best moveset is Spark for the faster charging and whatever combination of charge moves work best for you. Sadly though, Probopass struggles a bit nowadays - it’s still great as an anti-flyer/azu counter but loses to a lot of neutral match ups.

I’ve not run Beedrill so I can’t advise on that but Altaria will always be good, even if the current meta isn’t as kind to it as it once was, it can dish out a ton of damage. I would probably build your team around protecting its weaknesses to ice and rock

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I would keep Altaria as opener, then swiching something spammy pokemon Whiscash? After spamming opponent might be down shield or two. Now it’s good time for Altaria with build up energy or Beedrill with Drill Run and Sludge Bomb which is good for Azumarill.

I’m always tight on stardust because I have a lot of things in my “to do list”, so to speak. On candies I’m mostly ok, with a few exceptions. I have an Azumarill myself but its from a raid so I still have to power it up.

I don’t have any water starters with CD moves because I played the game on & off for all its existence and I always managed to “dodge” the water starters’ CD.

About the Grass-type, I had an Ivysaur for a while instead of Beedrill and it kinda worked, but I was completely unable to play against any Steel-type, any of them appearing in the opponent’s team and I was doomed.

I saw that and I tried it, but Rock Throw seems to have hit more things harder, and I want to get Thunderbolt on it to deal with Azu and other Water-types.

Also something that another reply reminded me of, I also struggle with Whiscash, tho not as much as G-Stunfisk. I have played against it a bit more and I’m decent at predicting when it’s going to use Mud Bomb and when Blizzard, which allows me to switch to Altaria or Probopass accordingly and keep slowly lowering its HP.

I agree on that Probopass feels a bit out of place, I just don’t know what to replace it with to deal with Azu, Dragon-types, Fairy-types, Flying-types and Ice and Rock-types that give Altaria trouble

I thought about getting Sludge Bomb onto Beedrill, but then Umbreon just sits in front of me and ignores all damage I deal, tho it would improve my matchup against Azu in case I replace Probopass.

I don’t have a Whiscash at hand, I can try making one soon-ish and trying it out, thanks for the idea!

I’ll have to agree with Whiscash for this particular purpose. Normally that isn’t what I would use for a Steel type at all, but both G-Fisk and Probopass run the likes of Rock Slide which makes using a Fire type or flier essentially suicide. The problem there is your Whiscash may often get stuck with another ‘mon and you won’t get the 1v1 you’re looking for, so I suggest running something with Razor Leaf to inflict additional damage in that scenario. Usually when there is a common centerpiece in the meta, you end up having to have that Pokémon in mind with your entire team to some extent. You have to have your specialist, but everything else can’t afford to be completely ineffective.

EDIT: and the thing about a RL user is you’ll be pleased if the opponent locks themselves into Azu or their own ‘cash. The Whiscash as someone said is great for that spam and Rock Slide isn’t gonna destroy it.

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Thats a pretty cool team. 2 pokemon in the back that - if Probopass was packing tb - reliably handle Azu.

I think you have a team that does not really keep up with the current meta, though. Altaria loses to Azumarill, Gunfisk and Skarmory, the big three in the current meta. Anti meta such as Abomasnow and Registeel are hard for Altaria too. Basically Skarmory can do the same role but more consistently. Brave bird even does solid damage against it’s worst matchups.

Probopass does shut down Altaria’s and Skarmory’s, but that’s the only thing going for it too right now. It can’t deal with Azumarill without Thunderbolt.

Beedrill is a staple for handling Azumarill and Grass-types. Which makes it - in my opinion - more valuable than Altaria while filling mostly the same role.

I dont know what resources you have. Swampert, Azumarill, Registeel are a few that do okay against Gunfisk. Sadly there isn’t really a hard wall

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I’ll definitely try that, tho I don’t know if I misunderstood what you said, but I don’t have problems against Probopass, only against G-Stunfisk (and a few others but you didn’t mention them). I think I could make a Seismitoad quicker tho, and have it with Sludge Bomb to deal with Fairy-types and then also replace Beedrill for something else

I’m a big fan of Probopass, it walls flyers and it’s electric moveset gives it a good matchup against Azu (just watch out for hydro pump). Altaria is a good pairing with Probo, it resists water, ground and fighting, which are Probo’s 3 weaknesses, and also handles grass a bit better than Probo does as well. Agree with the mudboi (ground/water type) suggestions, one of those guys would be a solid candidate for the third spot on that team, that would give you the gunfisk/other steel tank coverage you need.

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Yep, that’s what I was meaning like something which isn’t going to be a liability against G-fisk and can also function otherwise. A Razor Leaf user and a Whiscash won’t be the direct counter on their own but can work in tandem to take out not just Fisk but other meta picks. Whiscash learns Blizzard which can save you in a LOT of no shield scenerios or even single shield ones where they’re confident they can eat a Mud Bomb.

I think I’ll try to get Seismitoad with Sludge Wave as one of its Charged Moves and replace it with Beedrill, since I mostly use Drill Run on it but even then, some Steel-types (namely Jirachi and Skarmory) still beat Beedrill on a 1 on 1, to defeat Jirachi I basically need having two shields and the opponent only one or baiting succesfully and having a bit of energy before Jirachi comes into the field, and Skarmory is just a loose-loose situation

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Yeah I ran Seismitoad for a while, it actually learns sludge bomb, not sludge wave. Having that and earth power is some very wide coverage which I found very useful to close out a battle. He does struggle with late game flyers a little bit though.

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Thinking about Water/Ground-types made me think about Seismitoad, maybe replacing it with Beedrill and getting TB on Probopass would make things better. I was thinking of Mud Shot, Muddy Water and Sludge Bomb or Bubble, Earth Power and Sludge Bomb, I still have to think about which of the two options, but Sludge Wave seems mandatory to me seeing as it might replace Beedrill

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True that, even in the original Pokémon games, I always end up mixing Sludge Bomb and Sludge Wave. I was thinking running it with Earth Power since my Probopass already deals with Flying-types pretty well

Sludge bomb and earth power is the toad’s only viable Moveset. Muddy water is useless. Defs recommend mud shot as your fast move for the rapid energy generation.

Yeah, just looked up the stats of the moves and this seems to be the winner, Mud Shot and then Sludge Bomb with Earth Power, I’ll give this a go, I actually think I can make it right now, just not with the two charged moves yet, so I’ll keep stacking stardust since now I need to buy two secondary charged moves, Probopass’ and Seismitoad’s.

In the meantime, I think I’ll keep using Beedrill until I get both moves on Seismitoad, it works fine most of the time but it does feel like the “weaker member” of the team seeing as I have it to deal with Steel-types but it sometimes ends up getting bodied by them

Edit: Jesus christ I will need Tympole Candies, I only have 105 and I need to evolve it and buy it a second charged move, at least i have a good one that i can pretty much evolve directly and will work fine

Edit 2: ■■■■■■■ hell i only have 11 Rare Candies this will take longer than I thought

Good luck to ya :call_me_hand:

Lol and Tympole used to be absolutely everywhere but I haven’t seen them lately. I have a really good toad I could power up too but just don’t wanna invest this late into GL, maybe next season though.