A Lance For Norne

I’ll be waiting to see the Nov seasonal grail and assuming it’s no one I like, I’ll then be +10ing Summer Norne.

I’ve a M!Byleth and F!Kris waiting for her but I don’t know what lance to give so I’m looking for opinions.

The stats:

I don’t have anything better for her C skill than a stat smoke or a wave.

The lance options I have to give:

Slaying Lance - a classic

Instant Lance - the mini-impact makes it a good player phase option and let’s her attack and cancel a wall’s auto-follow-up. Not very synergistic with DC.

Steadfast Lance - Atk/Def+5 and ignoring debuffs is nice but I’m not leaning this way.

Spirited Spear - Atk/Def+4 and cooldown per enemy attack means immediately RS on her counter. Would pair with a wave skill for now so she’s semi self reliant for the bonus condition.

Shellpoint Lance - Atk+5 and Def+11 with a 3 space ally requirement is pretty good.

Unbound Lance - doesn’t exist yet but we now have the sword and axe variants. Given Deck Swabber/Unbound Axe is recommended for Ninja Hana who has basically the same stats, I felt I should mention it. Just have to hope it’s on a demote/grail.

  • Slaying Lance
  • Instant Lance
  • Steadfast Lance
  • Spirited Spear
  • Shellpoint Lance
  • Wait for Unbound Lance

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Well, I know Z built Summer Norne so @Z-Man care to give your advice?


Spirited spear is technically the best here but I’d make sure you have no use for crafty fighter or fort def/res 3 first

Steadfast lance is also really good with how popular atk/def menace has gotten

Unbound lance technically does exist and technically was on a demote already


I had liked the spirited. I use Huge Fan on Echidna to good effect. No worries on his skills as I don’t much like using armours so no loss in the fighter skill and the fortress is elsewhere.

I don’t have a Flowing Lance to give and wouldn’t be going for a Geese when he comes back, just wait and hope Unbound is accessible for that effect.


After Flowing Lance, Norne’s best weapons are Candy Cane and Springy Lance. One grants guard, the other neutralizes penalties to atk and spd.
If I don’t get enough orbs for a +10 Winter Hilda, I’ll consider abandoning her merge project and give her lance to Norne.

Yesterday I fought someone with a +10 Norne with Spirited Spear and Atk/Def Menace. Seems like a great combo to me.


Yeah candy cane is really good

In particular it lets her enemy-phase l!sigurd without dropping spurn for nfu or activating his trap card