A level 40 no team


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not endorsing “buying” an account, but the “no team” aspect shouldn’t matter to you too much since they have the team switching thing in game now.


Also not endorsing buying, but I just had to take a look at the prices because I’ve never paid attention to the sites that sell those things… So why would anyone pay for a lvl 40 when lvl 38 accounts are waaaaayyy cheaper?


To further support your point, level 38 players also have access to max level Pokemon. The usual incentive to hit 40 vice 38 is the claim to fame of hitting max level… which is artificial if purchasing an account.

Not that the extra dissuasion is necessary. Buying accounts is a no-go in Pokemon Go.


Probably because the point of buying an account is bragging, not playing? If you really play, what’s the point of buying an account, especially lvl 38? I mean, either you have interest in the game and then it’s easy to play and level up, or you don’t have any interest in it and then why put some money into buying an account?