A little consult about meteorite

Heya. Im a little bit new so i wanted to know if meteorite is worth buying in the gold certificate shop. My current roster includes Blue Poison E2 S1M3, Platinum E2 and Shirayuki E2, so i was wondering if she is gonna be useful to me. I have 225 gold certificates so i could affort her, but i also have Firewatch and Greythroat waiting to receive any exp.

Currently i am saving for W so im not gonna spend any orundum. White-hair-red-eyes girls with horns are the best (insert Vitality from Helltaker here)

PS: I think i have a thing for snipers

i dont think shes 100% necessary. shes certainly not game breaking like silver ash but she is really really really good.

why dont you try borrowing her first to give her a try and decide after that.


Shes pretty good, but like Manti said, Not going to carry you.

From experience , I would recommend her.

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Like other have said solid but nothing super impressive. The main things she has going for her are her archetype’s long range and her ability to dish out a lot of high damage via her explosions. She is usually a better Shirayuki, however, Shirayuki does have the advantage of being able to do arts damage which is nice. The 3 main snipers that you have are all anti-aerial snipers and so they don’t really fill the same role as the A.o.E snipers. That said A.o.E snipers aren’t really ever a necessity while anti-aerial snipers will be important on much more maps.

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With Shirayuki and the W you hopefully pull, Meteorite would make 3 aoe snipers, which doesn’t seem neccesary to me.

Did you know that 258 yellow certificates can be used to buy 38 headhunting permits? That’s a lot of extra pulls for W, so that’s what I’d save for if I was you.


I didnt consider that. It is definetely a lot of pulls, and having in mind all the previous replies i think im just gonna keep saving resources. Thanks all for the replies.

Yes! So good to see another W fan

Join me in rolling for best demon girl!

Personally I’m saving Certs to buy the permits from shop, gonna try and get 300 rolls ready


From my experience I don’t advise anyone to buy 5* because you will likely get them from random pull in the future.

I only have bought Sora mostly because her design appealed me, fun and fresh and cute. But overall, an advice is that don’t buy 5* generally, unless they offer a super unique quality to their archetype or you desperately need them (Atm, I’m only waiting for Ptilopsis since her DP reducing ability is insanely good)

SP reducing

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Right haha, i was typing tooo fast.

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If you’re going for W, buying her won’t worth your certs imo. W S2 deals around the same damage as Meteorite S1, but you can plant them early, and stun the enemies with it. So, she’s similar to Meteorite, but she can do more than her. Plus, you have Shirayuki, i think she’s enough for now, and it’s not like AoE snipers are very usefull in every maps, they are very map dependant. But if you did get her, she’s still very good to raise, as i also have her at E2S1M3 :p. And tbh, there’s only a handful of 5* that’s worth buying using certs, it’s only Lappland, Specter, Texas, and Ptilopsis imo.