A little help with the fallen heroes guaranteed

Hello everyone, returning player here. I’ve returned for the new Lyon and got him at 36/40 so I pulled red until 40/40 to get Julia or ike (didn’t get anything) . Now I have the free summon and don’t know if it’s better to get ike ore Julia. Thanks to everyone!!!

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Has Repel. Is probably the best EP swordie in the game.

Has a lot of competition. If you have another good sword he doesn’t really do anything different


Is a great mage. Very unique. Has competition but they don’t have as high res (Lilina, Lysith)

Doesn’t have as good fodder. Isn’t as good imo as Ike if they’re both in a vacuum

If you don’t need Repel then I would go Julia


As a dark mage lover, Fallen Julia absolutely kicks ass, she (and legendary julia) is basically the only mage that consistently destroy my fully merged tharja in the game currently. She is also very fun to play with, fun meaning you can ignore the color triangle more than half the time and just kill stuff!

I also have Ike (yeah I cracked and spent on the fallen banner x.x) and he is very strong, but in my opinion not quite as fun to play as. The main thing I love about Ike is his voicework and his intense art because I’m a big fan of Berserk and he is basically Ike combined with angry Guts.

So to second nobody, I prefer Julia much more for gameplay, and I also think her artwork and voice is quite good as well!


Are you planning to keep pulling? If yes, then pick a unit you won’t mind having dupes of. F!Ike has the coveted Repel fodder, so if you’re not planning to merge either, then pick him. If you’re something competitive in AR or arena, then you might want to get a Julia as she wrecks them mode something fierce, and having two will allow you to merge the lesser boon one to fix the other’s bane.

If you wanna use your free pick for fodder then I’d use it on Corrin as you can pass both Atk/Spd Solo 4 and NFU to another unit if you also sacrifice someone for Atk/Spd solo.

But out of the two reds, go Julia if you want to one-shot things and go Ike if you want a unit immune to field debuffs, immune to panic, with a DC weapon, a 4 CD Aether, fast as heck, and sexy. (You could also make a pair of F!Uke and Ranulf like me for… Lore reasons)

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I myself would pick F!Julia.

While Ike is a great unit undeniably, he’s contesting in an over-saturated area, the swords units. There’s plenty of (great) swords units in this game, too many of them, and you will have others options if you don’t manage to get Ike.

F!Julia on the other hand, she’s a bulky red mage, and the best at it [Lysithea deals more but is way squishier], facing very few contest.
She’s facing contest from only Kiria and maybe winter Tharja, but that’s it.
Compared to Kiria / winter Tharja, F!Julia has her own strength aswell.


Thanks to everyone!!!
I think I’ll go with Julia because sword units are much more common and I like mages a bit more. Anyway I’ll pull red a bit more so if ike blesses me I’ll be very happy. Thank you!!!