A look at Co-Op, Extreme difficulty

So, this is my fifth post on here regarding the Extreme Co-Op difficulty, while I’m not an expert, I tried to provide some tips for dealing with three of the bosses as well as a general Co-Op guide so people can better understand some of the mechanics (and so I didn’t repeat them every single time).

Originally I was going to make this an Extreme Vegeta Guide… but it would of just ended up being me saying to use anniversary units or Shallot with the same stuff, giving the general tips for playing and my thoughts on the boss/mode.

So Instead, I thought I would talk about this mode as a whole, how it has developed and changed over time and giving my general thoughts, as well as providing other perspectives.

So first, lets talk about the first Extreme battle.

Final Form Frieza.

This basically came out of nowhere and was something that started as an interesting idea, but very quickly devolved into people hating this mode from how brutal it was especially if you didn’t have the featured battle tag units.

However it was a good first step, the boss did a more damage compared to the advanced difficulty and had more health and shield. But it wasn’t impossible, people used a variety of different units at first in order to figure out what worked best and began supporting their buddy even more then before.

I said it before in the guide, but it was basically like the old Co-Op mode where EX Shisami and Ex Nail were very dominant, where people focused more on the character and colour rather then battle tag bonuses. (And when it didn’t take one shield break in order to win the game).
It brought that challenge back into the mode which made me love it more then PvP.

But… not everyone was happy with it, there were lots of complaints going around about it… and the release of the next boss didn’t make it better.

Full Power Final Form Frieza

A lot of people didn’t seem to realise that this boss was actually easier, mainly due to the reduced damage they deal and the lack of an ultimate move, plus you had more options in terms of tags and the Zenkai battle tag made units even more useful.

However, this boss was still rather bulky, and the endurance it had… didn’t make it any better as multiple people ended up losing because of it. This was what caused even more hate then last time. There was hate for the mode thrown around everywhere due to it’s difficulty.

So… what happens next? Well that leads to the next Boss

Super #17

The developed ended up listening to people and tried to improve the mode. The results was… mixed.
Super #17 ended up having an extremely powerful shield that took quite a lot to break, he also had a mechanic I didn’t notice till later, ramping damage. Meaning he got stronger as the battle went on, meaning there would be less early game wipes.

The exchange was that his defence or health wasn’t as great so you could get a lot further compared to the other bosses once the shields are down.

But… just like before… this wasn’t taken too well. People were still annoyed how long it takes to beat due to the upgraded shield, there was also the Ultimate which did quite a bit of damage and paralysed the player on hit.

However, this was actually the most balanced since you could use more characters with less risk thanks to the ramping damage. Characters like Transforming Goku Black dominated the scene besides battle tag characters, (T.o.P ) Androids 17 and 18 and Shallot.

But… this is also the point where Shallot saw less use despite being a major tank… and that was the whole reason. People wanted damage instead of survivability, so less characters began to see use.

And that leads us to our current Extreme Boss, which has really changed… mostly for the worse.

SSJ4 Vegeta

With the countless complaints of the previous bosses taking too long, the developers decided to make this boss have less shield power and overall survivability compared to the other bosses, allowing it to get taken down in just two shield breaks. The exchange? Overwhelming power.

Like Super #17 (and maybe other bosses), Vegata has ramping damage that gets stronger as the match goes on, but his base damage is already insane, getting battle bonus units to danger levels in 2-3 hits, unless you’re SSJ4 Gogeta.

This results in the hardest boss to beat as he could easily make a 2v1 into a 1v1 in less then 15 timer counts if your buddy doesn’t help. This Vegeta is also notorious for one shooting anything with it’s ultimate move… including the tanky SSJ4 Gogeta. The only thing that I have seen survive it is my Pur SSB Vegito at max health with the double damage reduction buff active and two max health increase support characters… with a slither of health.

At this point, people are also no longer experimenting and only allow anniversary units, primarily Gogeta and Vegito… very rarely will people accept anything else. Even Shallot, the perfect tank that can still deal decent damage to this boss will almost never be chosen. Out of 100 attempts to matchmake with someone random, three people accepted, only two quit after seeing base form Shallots damage… yes they didn’t even give me a chance to transform before thinking Shallot was useless.

What now?

Well… everyone got what they wanted, a boss that doesn’t take too long to beat… but as you can guess, people complained that it deals too much damage now… in other words… people want this mode to just be Advanced for Battle tag characters only.

But then… what’s the point in playing this mode? Extreme is meant to be just that, Extreme. A really hard challenge for people to struggle against and eventually succeed. Something that isn’t just there for your daily grind of limited medals where you barely try and win anyway.

The team has been trying to balance it with this in mind, but very few people seem to understand that. I’m not saying that the mode was ever perfect, everyone one of them had some balance issues, but if we just took the build for the 1st or 2nd extreme boss and lowered their power slightly, that would of been enough in my opinion. It would of basically been just like the old Co-Op with all the current features.

Anyway… I’ll stop here before I end up on a rant.
I do hope that this mode improves, and not just to be made easier for the people that don’t understand the concept of a challenge.