A Momentary Lapse of Sanity

… caused me to overlook Reinhardt when I assembled a team of tome users for the Tome Arts… so I started using this Cavalier Mage…

anyways I started to grow attached to a character I’ve always overlooked. What is the best way to build her (I may merge her further using grails, but currently haven’t spent any grails outside of the hero you summon for the Heroes’ Path quests…)??


Well it depends on what mode you use her in, and whether you want her to be part of a set team or be wholly self-sufficient.
For self-sufficient general-purpose she could run something like chill atk/res with spd smoke, chill atk/spd with res smoke, or some other combination of chills and smokes. Personally I’d probably go with something like ss3,chill atk/spd, res smoke, heavy blade(or ss2).
For a pre-set team that apply debuffs for her, she can run full offensive skills(though res smoke still isn’t a bad idea). Could go for something like ss3, lull spd/res, res smoke(or like rouse(could also go for something like a rouse skill here), heavy blade


Easy, cc vantage res smoke glimmer and brazen atk/res, but you have to have debuffes so like Aversa or a dagger unit

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For visuals the self-sufficient build would look this

With all of her debuffs active on the foe, this set would hit 72 atk on initiation(without outside buffs). If she doesn’t need to debuff the foe herself, then swap her slot b for either lull atk/res(for easier heavy blade), or lull spd/res(for easier follow-ups). You could also just screw her spd and run double death blow, but I think that’s somewhat of a waste of her workable spd stat


This may be a dumb question, but why Glimmer over Moonbow?? I thought Moondow was the better of the two skills, though I personally have no real clue… thanks for the help. That build looks pretty cool. Thanks!

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Moonbow cuts foe’s defenses, whereas glimmer boosts your damage. As a general rule, moonbow works better the less damage you’d normally do, whereas glimmer does better. Units like ursula.or bladetomes that stack high amounts of atk tend to get more out of glimmer, though the difference isn’t huge
Using the ursula above, lets say she fights something with 37 res that has been hit by all 3 of her debuffs. She has 72atk on initiation and the foe has 30 res due to res smoke. No special means she does 42dmg. Moonbow reduces that 30 res by 9(30 × 30%), thus boosting her dmg to 51. Glimmer boosts her 42dmg by 21(42 × 50%), boosting her damage to 63. Now granted that foe was clearly dead no matter what, but the principle holds true.

Tl;dr: I believe the math works out to roughly “if foe’s def/res is >/= 60% of unit’s atk, glimmer does more damage. If foe’s def/res is >60% of unit’s atk, moonbow does more damage”. So unit’s like ursula, bladetomes, and broadleaf fans get more benefit from glimmer due to how high they stack their atk


I just ran the numbers for the heck of it. 62% is actually where the 2 specials meet.
If foe’s def/res is <62% of unit’s atk, glimmer does more damage.
If foe’s def/res is =62% of unit’s atk, glimmer and moonbow do the same damage.
If foe’s def/res is >62% of unit’s atk, moonbow does more damage


Cool, thanks for the clarification

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No problem! Glad to help!

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