A must remember moments

So, with summer rerun 2018 Blackbeard’s “sacrifice”, i did remember a lot of funny scenes from event & story, hence i was thinking to put together some of these which also hold some meme potential.
I know “funny” it’s a personal feeling so feel free to add whatever picture makes you laugh / hold meme potential from the game.
The story & interlude / rank up up till now should hold a lot of potential.


Sumanai moment during Halloween and Kono Ozymandys GA is quite memorable…

Blackbeard Normie Explode during 1st Valentine.

Camelot Stella scene and Babylon Kingu sacrifice moment along with Old Man Hassan appearing.

Muramasa cutting through Kotomine marble reality…

Jeanne Alter last dance

Marie Antoinette vs Jeanne Alter in France… Manga version(realta turas) shown better version of the fight unfortunately…

Seraph Epilogue is also very unforgettable moment due to certain archer kill steal again


I absolutely loved that moment!

BB’s voice over during normal dialogue, it frankly took me by surprise. I rewatched that whole sequence thrice, that was how much I loved it.

The ones I will always remember…only two of those are actually funny for me and they both happened during the two summer events. First one is Artoria roasting the hell out of Mordred in the opening of Summer One. The second one MHX taking the shot on Medb in Summer Two and “EAT CHEESE, B*TCH!” I laughed so freaking hard I was in tears, she’s still one of my favorites and that cemented why.

I’ll put the serious memorable ones in a “spoiler” thing for those who haven’t finished Camelot, Babylon or Solomon:


Camelot: Bedivere getting revealed he’s just a human like you and standing up to the Lion King and her knights. Also his death…I literally had to put the game down for a couple days. Needless to say, Bedi got grailed to 100 pronto once I got him.
Babylon: As much as a troll he is, I cried with Merlin’s death as well and it’s stuck with me as yeah he’s technically not supposed to be here…but if someone could crush him from far away? That’s actually terrifying.
Solomon: …Do I really have to say it? Mash’s Sacrifice as Goetia uses his Noble Phantasm to wipe you out. The first time I felt nothing but rage in this game. Was right there with the lines for once too, I was about to kill a Grand Caster slowly and painfully, but I also had so much joy when she came back.

Anyways, those are what stuck with me. Little bit of hilarity, little bit of seriousness. Dunno if that’s exactly what you meant with the thread but eh.


Some more not death moment…

Helena in Agartha… I feel bad for her and curse Columbus badly only for Helena not death… I was like f… She alive?

Good laughs:

  • Habsburg vs Sanson in Orleans :rofl:

  • Fergus failing at everything during his interlewds

  • since summah I was mentioned:


Plus the way Kiyo initiated that convo right before :rofl: :rofl:

Memorable for all the right reasons, tragic or not:

  • the crew bonding with the people of Uruk in Singularity VII, made the doomsday that’s visited upon them that much more bitter, yes, but to create this much sympathy for people that remain mostly anonymous is quite something…
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