A new +10 and an update to an old one

I always wanted to +10 Picnic Felicia so her refine seemed like a great time to start!

While I’m sad she didn’t get the offensive portion of NFU She got a much better refine than I expected! I needed another near saver outside of Manuela and H!Grima so she’s been a fun addition.

And here’s og Felicia who has aged like milk left in Arizona’s hottest desert.


Congratulations, Picnic is incredibly fast despite being a gen 3 unit, sadly OG at +10 with 42 atk is sad.


At least Felicia does get Adaptive damage, but yah still low


Welcome to the picnicking maid appreciation club. Though you’ve got way better fodder than me to give (both of) her, she looks awesome. Congrats.


Nice maids, congrats for both of them ;)


Yeah, Picnic Felicia with merges is still decently fast and her statline becomes a lot more respectable than how middling it looks at no merges.

OG Felicia has such an awful attack stat (no superboon either) that she’s really hard to use, ironic how lore wise she’s considered the more combative sister between the twins. She does have adaptive damage like Vader mentioned but nowadays where units have so many stats that their defenses end up being so evened out it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks! I’ve always loved Felicia as a character so its fun to have finished her. c:

Thank you!

I did decide to update OG Felicia a little more after this post so here’s some changes to her: