A new ARD Brainstorming

Hi guys!
Wanted to rethink my Aether Raids Defense map, it’s been almost 6 months since i last changed it (and… i think i didn’t updated it since, 'cause i see my Silvia at +5 while she’s +10 now, but whatever), isn’t that it doesn’t work, but i need to keep up the new units and how broken they are (coff coff BIkeCoff coff)
So… before to change everything and waste fodder everywhere, i’d like to ask you for a bit of brainstorming.

My current ARD Map is a lil bit copy-pasted from a famous user of this forum, very good at ARD strategies, but i changed the purpose of it.
The Map is the Desert one with the 2 defensive tiles, and i use the defense tiles to bait a unit that want to abuse them, kill it, and swarm the map with the help of Wing of Mercy.

Corrin is there basically to use Infantry Pulse on Silvia, so she can charge her Galeforce instantly and pull the enemies around (if she is a range) and still have time to dance.
the others are there with WoM ready to warp everytime there is need, after Corrin tanks a hit or 2 (but she often dies to mages even with the 4 drive res near her)

Priscilla is very strong with Panic since everyone likes to super buff and throw a unit in my face, she is there to say “No u”.

Since i have a Sothis too, i’d like to squeeze her into my team for Lift Loss Reduction.
And i also thought of using some of my projects unit like Silas, VTitania, NyCorrin but i see no way they can fit together…
i’ll try to show you something, like their builds or what i’d like to do… i’m a bit lost O_O’’

Bunch of units i'd like to use (they have Sothis and Yune's blessing active)

DISCLAIMER: Many of the units have different weapons and skills on them, if you want more informations feel free to ask.
DISCLAIMER n.2: Silvia hasn’t Time’s Pulse, but is a thing i’d like to give to her if i can have my hands on a second copy of Sothis

The 2 Mythics (i have no idea how to actual build Sothis, i think i’ll just slap a seal on her and boh… any ideas?)

Yune is -def, i forgot to put a bane on her.

I have enough WoM to give someone else a role in the huge WoM strategy, but lately a dude called BIke is a partypopper (same with Vantage sweepers). And… idk if important or not, i really like the Green map with the Trees but i never see a useful and not abusable strategy out of it.

Sorry if the request is really complex, but we can think together and maybe also try it in mock battle once is done? Thanks in anticipation.

The problem I see with this strategy is that Silvia will only attack (when another ally nearby her has acted) if she deals enough damage to the tank (namely 5 points of damage) otherwise she will just refresh a nearby ally that has already acted. At the same time she will not refresh an ally after atacking (and proccing Galeforce against) an enemy, because she will deal enough damage to override the refresh action (if another ally has acted).

Additionally I see that you include a lot of Firesweep weapons and other skills that prevent counterattacks while your main goal seems to be to destroy B!Ike. I think that it is a better idea for you to include a unit that can take a counterattack from B!Ike and has Hardy Bearing to screw with the damage reduction from his Urvan (since this seal negates the forced Desperation effect from his refine). You can also add a unit that comes with a precharged AoE to deal out of combat damage to him to avoid the damage reduction from Urvan.

I’m personally also not a very big fan of this map with the defensive tile, because I’ve tried it out myself with a Panic+ user and found that I still lost a lot of battles (without taking anyone out), because my opponents just placed unbuffed tanks on top of the defensive tile closer to the west and therefore avoided their tank from getting hit by a part of my team.
In your case they will then even avoid getting Lunged off the defensive tile, because they will be outside Silvia’s range.

You might also want to add an element of surprise to your defense team by adding a Rally trap that increases the reach of your team beyond that what is directly visible for your opponent. This is generally done by having L!Azura on your defense with an infantry or flying Rally trap, but in theory you could also make it work with a ranged cavalry unit (with the right setup) and any kind of refresher. If you don’t have L!Azura (or if you don’t want to use her on your defense) then you could for example use V!Titania with a Bladetome for extra firepower alongside your current refreshers.
Also keep in mind that you will need to use low attack refreshers for a Rally trap, so you cannot equip Life and Death in this case. I would advise a HP increasing skill instead to help against the isolation ploy from B!Fjorm.


That’s what i want, to give a chance to my dancers to actually score a kill for the team instead of relegating them to be a refresher bot. If (for example) Silvia can take out an Eir by herself, why waste an opportunity, and lower her attack, for the sake of a dance that might go on an ally that just can’t kill the target? I saw many times a dancer screwing up the “Dance” and wasting a potential kill or Dancers, left as last unit, that can’t do 1 hp of damage to anyone and explode.
I won many defense match thanks to Azura and Silvia teleporting/moving and oneshotting stuff even when they were the last 2 units (example: today Azura got literally a double kill on an Enemy Altina and the turn after on Naga or Silvia killing many support units and then returning to her job to dance an ally). It’s also something curious and fun to see a Silvia carrying a team killing stuff left and right (not saying that is kind of my fixation to build Offensive Dancers)

Also, maybe i forgot to show it here, Corrin has Drag back too, to pull the enemies off the DTile or on the traps and bring the enemy near the team so they could gangbang it.

Well… mmh taking out Ike isn’t my top priority, i just want to keep up to the meta.
I use firesweep on my units because i fear that the enemy might retaliate with Vantage or the AI screws up the Triangle and throws a Red to a Blue and so on.
No one of my units is tanky enough to resist a disadvantageous TA and, since the AI is stupid and the enemies are very likely using the Triangle in their favour, i have to protect my units where i can.

This looks like a nice idea, i’ll try it. (i think i already tried it a lot of time ago, with a Lilina, but… idk… it always seems i don’t do enough damage… i don’t have many hard hitting units, nor super-duper tanky ones… Everyone is… just mediocre so i prefer to chip my enemies’s hp away with savage blow or other stuff and the use of Wing of Mercy as surprise.)
I also don’t have a LAzura, but isn’t this a problem ofc.

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Tried to think of something…
With this set, if the enemy steps on the lighting trap, yune can tp everywhere thanks to aerobatics and nuke something thanks to Desperation, same for NYCorrin. Silas is there to cover for Reds and Titania is there… for no reason i must admit.
i feel that… this might not work, but i’m just experimenting.

ok… is a nope, i tried by myself and the enemy can directly Vantage-sweep everything <_<

I had a flash of inspiration and… just updated the old ARD, with the new 5 merges on silvia and dragonflowers everywhere, but this time Female Corrin has a new weapon!

Shield pulse+Sacred Cowl
(Well i hope it works)
Something to tank those pesky mages that oneshot her even when she’s empowered by not 1, not 2 but 4 Drive Res. (She gets up to 43 res if engaged and can charge her special again with her 44 speed, 48 when dark season is active)

and i also tried to give her (and Yune and Azura) +7 atk through Silvia’s Hone Atk 4… hoping they don’t get panicked, that would be quite awkward…

If you are going to keep V!Titania in the corner like in this setup then I would give her Hardy Bearing as she will be the most difficult one to snipe away. Hardy Bearing then lets you counter both Vantage setups and B!Ike thanks to the weapon triangle advantage she has over him.

If you trust that F!Corrin is able to survive a lot of what your opponents can bring then you could try to use her as a frontliner like I displayed in the picture above. Yune could for example be on B!Micaiah’s position with Aerobatics as her Seal (this setup needs to have a ranged attacker that can jump in front of F!Corrin to activatie the Rally trap with V!Titania). I however would prefer to give F!Corrin Guard in a setup like this to counter Galeforce hit and run strategies. (This setup is also very similar to my own defensive setup, so it is a bit unoriginal of me to propose this one)

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