A New-ish Player looking for Some Advice

Hey All,

As I’m sure you can tell by my name, I am primarily a fire emblem player, but I’ve recently been playing increasing amounts of Draglia Lost. When I say I’m New-ish, I mean I, like some, played the game during the FEH crossover. I kind of dropped it not long after, coming back in bits in pieces. However, I’ve decided I want to take the game more seriously, which means I need to figure out team building in this game… which confuses me a bit. Is there one weapon type better than others? Should I be looking at pure stats? Abilities? Both. Anyway, Ive compiled a list of what I believe to be my strongest adventurers and dragons, so if someone could help me figure out how to use them, I would be extremely appreciative.

-Summer Celliera
-Wedding Elisanne
-Player Character (Euden?)
-Valentine Hildegarde
-Lin You
-Gala Prince
-Beautician Zardin

-Mini Mids
-Jeanne d’Arc
-Mini Zodi

Thank you in advance! If there is some other information that could help you help me, please let me know!

If you would like to know which content to go towards first, I would recommend HMS on standard, and then slowly work towards Volk and Kai Yan, though you will also need to do a run of standard HJP. HMS stands for High Midgardsormr and HJP stands for High Jupiter. If you had been around for the Monster Hunter crossover event, then you most likely would have pulled for Dreadking Rathalos, and so I would recommend him for your Euden. However, since you don’t have him, I would recommend you use Cerberus for Euden for now. Focus on investing in Euden for now, since once he unlocks the ability to burn through his mana spiral, you’ll see insane dps. After you’ve invested into Euden to the point that he’s ready, start investing into Nefaria. Even with Gala Alex now here, Nefaria is still a more consistent dispeller than Galex, so for when you want to take on Kai Yan, even if you have Galex, use Nefaria since galex is a little more timing based on her dispel. If you need help on getting into the HDT cycle, then you can look at it like this: complete chapter 7 of the campaign to unlock Void Battles, work your way up the void battles until you can easily do the Chimeras, defeat the Volcanic Chimera enough times to forge a Chimeratech tier 2 sword for Euden while also slowly working up his mana spiral and also grinding Imperial Onslaught for wind insignias for the Glorious Tempest Wyrmprint(or use the current champions road endeavors to help you), go into HMS standard once you reach the point you need to get some Windwyrm Greatspheres, complete that, use those spheres to unlock the entirety of Euden’s mana spiral, then go into Volk standard. The only worry there is that your team won’t have a healer or there’s some guy with a ridiculously high might gate. After you successfully clear sVolk, start investing into Nefaria(or Galex if you get her, but I’d still go for Nefaria since you already have her), rinse and repeat the steps for nefaria, though you will be working towards Kai Yan this time. Good Luck!

Edit: I forgot to mention the facilities. As you level up, you’ll get altars for each element, up to two altars. From the IO, you can get a total of two dojos per weapon type, an from void battles, you can get 1 slime statue of each element. Also, I would actually recommend clearing up to chapter 10 of the campaign on normal, so that you get all 5 dracoliths. The altars, dojos, and slime statues are all for adventurers, while the dracoliths are for dragons. Once you clear sVolk and sKai yan, you will be given enough materials to create 1 6 star weapkn and get the tree facility. The trees give adventurers boosts, but have a max level of 15 while giving off a total of 16% increase in both strength and hp. Definitely upgrade your facilities since it will certainly help in the long run.

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  1. I don’t believe one type is better than the others. its really about play-style and meta. My favorite weaps are:
  • Swords hit hard and have short range
  • Spears have reach and hit hard
  • Daggers fast and while they have less str they hit more.
  1. Build the team you have and work in elements and resistances.
  • most peoples teams are color based due to it being easier when you work against whatever your boss monster afflicts your characters with. when afflicted, a character is usually hampered and takes more damage (not just periodic)
  • check your units for punishers or teams buffs, if they have something like a burn punisher or poison punisher, then it will be better to put units that apply that affliction and then line your team up to take advantage of that. - this is often more important than stats.
    • Also sometimes some units will apply defense buffs and others will instantly heal or become stronger when buffed in this way.
    • Look out for any units that heal and remove buffs with force strikes. those have become pretty popular lately.
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>today I shall remind them

For actual advice,

There’s a big 1.5 anni basically-catch up campaign going on. It lasts for about 20 more days. You should do all of those things for a ton of free wyrmite and prints and stuff. High priority, so the following HMS and Volk paragraphs are related to it.
It will give you a free anti-High Midgardsormr print and a free Flash of Genius, which just so happens to be Marth’s (old) preferred WP setup for the fight. That will let you jump right in to High Mids, which is fine as a starting point into “endgame” content. For Volk, use whatever good WP you have with Flash and find a good room with a healer. It may take you a few tries to get the hang of the fight, that’s OK.
Note that Marth is not the easiest character to get in to either fight with. Use Arctos, or Cerberus if he’s max unbound.

For your specific questions,
Weapon types come down to preference; however, each weapon type has a specific coability -a teamwide buff- and these are more or less useful. Staffs will boos heal amount, axe and spear have defensive coabs, and the others have some form of offensive boost with varying levels of niche-ness. The best coabilities are usually regarded as Blades’ and Wands’ attack and skill damage boost, respectively. They have been making a lot more adventurers with nonstandard coabilites recently, though.
It’s been subtle, but adventurer stats haven’t been a real factor for a while now. The latest few sets of new weapons have been a pretty big leap in powercreep, so you really just need to have the highest tier of weapon you can get.

Ezelith (with mana spiral)
Prince (with mana spiral)
Nef (with mana spiral)
Gala Prince
Lin You

Stay away from Lily, Lea, Ranzal, Sylas, and Zardin until their mana spirals.

Arctos, Cerb, Siren, and Cupid are good.
Kamuy is weird, just put him on one of your AI-controlled characters.
Mini Mids and Zod work on any character regardless of element, so use them if you don’t have enough dragons. Dragon buffs are interesting, but usually the most % power you can get is the best. Skill damage dragons for characters who focus on skill damage (most of them), HP or split stats for healers, can’t go wrong with strength for everyone else. Marth, for example, likes to crit, so Arctos is good for him.

Try and get to Void Battles as soon as you can, as @Qzilla8425 said. That is the easy path to good weapons, easy co-op, and specific anti-bossfight weapons. We currently have Chimera weapons for fire and shadow, those are extremely good for how easy the chimeras are.

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