A new pair of Crystalized Wisdom w/ co: Servant Summer Camp! Male Servant Pickup Banner NA 2022

Hello to those that are glasses enthusiasts, reality marble enjoyers, or people that do not want to share their looks (no, that was not at all of us behind the screen :ak_warfarinsmug: ):

Summer Five, Servant Summer Camp, is here a bit earlier than expected! I may be slightly unprepared for the upcoming summons to be mentioned, but I am looking forward to any and all rolls to be shared with some of my favorite servants to date my experiences in Fate/GO.

Put those glasses on, and yes: they have blue-light filter w/ antiglare protection.

First and foremost - as you can tell by my profile picture for the time being (sure, might as well be my beloved instead of Brynhild’s… do I get the arts/buster up from summer bry-)-

Sigurd shows up with his third rate-up to date (previous being his Lostbelt 2 Chpt. Release and New Year’s Banner) along with his strengthening! And, he gets a summer costume (who knew?)

Even if you obtain NP1, his upgrade will feel like NP2: NP2 scaling will feel like previous NP5 scaling as well.

He along with Okita Alter (Alter Ego) and Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) have some of the highest attack stats in the game, and he is quite bulky to couple his damage.

His skills include:

-Primeval Rune (Warrior) B – Increasing Crit Dmg (lv1 50% → lv10 100%) for 3 hits, during three turns.

-Dragonkind Modification EX – Increases own Buster performance for 1 turn*. Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 3 turns. (Revives with 1000 HP.)

*He later gets another strengthening to have his buster performance be like his crit: 3 hits for 3 turns.

-Crystallized Wisdom A – Increases one ally’s critical star generation rate for 1 turn. Grants them Debuff Immunity for 1 turn.

There is synergy here: If there is a time when there is a wave with one enemy or a boss with a break bar for example, we can use his s3 with his NP. With that star gen, we can use his s1 one for some BUSTER crits if ya know what I mean.

Of course, a poster boy needs some accomplices, and these two are welcome in the Castoria Era:

Emiya (Archer)…

And Lanling Wang.

I am showing them both in their summer costumes that you can unlock, because who doesn’t collect the costumes you can not use? laughs in dantes (No like seriously, I failed at summoning Dantes :fgo_danteskuhaha:.)

Emiya can loop with his new NP Dmg type swap, and Lanling can help with either stalling or straight up buffing your arts user if you use the MC Chaldea Combat Uniform. They are both great additions to anyone’s servant list, so do not burn them!

Although the CEs have better counterparts like how Innocent Blue is a ‘lesser version’ of Volumen Hydrargyrum, keep them for your material farming adventures. It is summer camp after all.

All in all, I do not believe you will be disappointed with your spending if you roll this banner. There’s an option for anyone: Frontline/DPS, AoE DPS/Looping Servant, or a Buff/Staller. Push up the glasses, see clearly, and luck to your summons.

Some Emiya Fanart provided by @ThatSmugGARcher :


Fate/Grand Order, Cú Chulainn (Fate), EMIYA (Archer) / 夏服霊衣正座待機中 - pixiv

Lanling Fanart provided by @Grim3xus :

Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Prince of Lanling (Fate) / 夏の思い出/蘭陵王 - pixiv

Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Prince of Lanling (Fate) / 🐎 - pixiv

Here are some cool Sigurd runs that I plan to do more of, and I hope this banner allows the GP community to make more:

FGO TA| Sigurd 3T GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji CQ: Final Oni Shibata - YouTube
FGO TA| Sigurd 3T Fate x Requiem CQ: Child from the Netherworld - YouTube
[FGO TA] Sigurd 3 turn Saber Alter Memorial Quest - Overwhelming Anti-Dragon Damage - YouTube
[FGO TA] Gilfest: Sweets Universe 3 turn - Sigurd vs MHXA - 10,000,000 one round burst! - YouTube
[FGO JP] 1,000,000 Damage Cut Hector 1 Shot (No Oberon/Bg) - YouTube

Photos in order of postage:

Banner ?https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/vw9hzp/fgo_na_new_banners_notice_servant_summer_camp/
1: Sigurd Bond CE: In Game
2: Sigurd Summer Costume
3:Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Sigurd (Fate) / 叡智の結晶 - pixiv
4: Emiya (Archer) Summer Costume
5: Lanling Wang Summer Costume


If ya made it here, thanks for reading. I look forward to all the possible additions to one’s roster. Do have a good whatever time it is.


Very nice thread!!!

I am looking forward to Lanlings costume in particular! I wish everyone rolling for him or the others the best of luck!


Keen for Sigurd’s new costume and NP strengthening, I was bummed out when I originally rolled him in the NY 2021 GSSR, but he has definitely grown on me since then (he’s such a dork at times :fgo_brynsad:).

Hoping reunite him with his swimsuit wife this summer.


That costume is only a harsh reminder that i still have 0 copies of him on both of my accounts… i can’t roll here either so as usual i’ll hope for a spook.


Good luck to anyone summoning.


I’ve been so anxious for this day to come ; I really want to reunite Sigurd with his wife, so I’m hoping he can be merciful. :feh_lilithpray:

Good luck to anyone else who wants to summon these boys!


I would have been happy to get any or all of these guys. Emiya is a favorite who I have yet to roll in the actual gacha, and another NP level could have convinced me to give him another lantern. Sigurd is so cool especially his voice and animations, and always manages to get at least a few rolls out of me whenever he has a banner, even if I’m supposed to be saving. Lan Ling was my main target here, though. I only had ten tickets, so I wasn’t expecting much. And sure enough, the best thing I got from those was a couple 4* CEs.

Okay, fine, let’s go do the event, then. I’ll get a few more tickets before the banner’s over, I can try again later.

So I read the first few sections of the event, and then had a strong feeling to roll a couple singles. I gave in, and on the second one:

Again, technically Lan Ling is my main target here, but…I very much do not mind this result, not at all. :fgo_jeannecheer: :fgo_ereshlove:

I do mind a great deal that I don’t have enough embers to fully level him yet, but at least that won’t be a long-term problem.


AYY. Niceu. He’ll need proofs for his appends.


That part won’t be an issue, thankfully. It’s JP where I’m horrendously low on proofs.


The couple needs to be reunited.

Soon TM. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Priorities.

Thank you. Lanling costume is slept on at times.


I’ll be rolling Wednesday reset (technically Tuesday night but I work so), here’s hoping. I already got the costume and I’m loving it.

Edit. I forgot it’s Tuesday. It’s Thursday technically if I don’t roll Wednesday night. I think? I’m tired, but work I go.


I feel bad for neglecting the boys, but I have everything I want from this banner aside from the CE art. Very nice roll thread, though!


Forgot to post it until now, but YEEESSSS!

210 SQ, about average, but I don’t care ; I finally got him and that’s the important part. :fgo_medealove:




I also choose his wife

Seriously her NP is adorable


I just wanted some CEs :fgo_illyablink:

Five tickets, five servants

My first time getting an SSR from a single too, pretty sweet. I’ll treat him well.


I feel this. I just wanted Chinese Femboy.


Used five more tickets :fgo_cuded:

Still no summer CEs. Looks like I’m gonna go download some jpegs.


I’ll let ya decide if this was a good banner or not Xd.
“Glasses SPARKLE.”
Road to 120 here I come.