A new user to Nitocris

So I just got Nitocris randomly and am graining her to 100 simply because she’s freaking adorable, and her costume sprite is just 10/10, but now unto actually using her, how often does her IK work on silver enemies? Since I’m using her in the event RN and she’s already useful but she sometimes doesn’t kill silver enemies with her buff active, also how much of a difference will NP5 make? Since I’m honestly down to NP5 her, I’ve already Gold Foud her halfway and have her nearly level 100, and her damage obviously isn’t the best since she has zero buffs to damage in her kit ATM (until her JP buff)

OH, and she can Probaly Castoria loop right?

I’m going to be using Chen Gong often once he comes out (though I still need more 5 star support caster fodder) how does she compare to him? She’s already cheaper since I’ve just needed to level 10 one skill and level 8 the other and boom I’m ready to go, but outside of that how does she hold up to the Gong


They are pretty different. Nito technically can’t castoria refund w/o starting charge loop, like her other multi hit arts aoe counterparts, but nito always could loop, with any combination of 50% chargers and a kscope, even double skadi

Gong is a nuker, blasting anything out of the water. Has higher damage at his free, non grailed np5 than most aoe casters at np1-2. If grailed, he beats out spishtar in np damage. He is hard content oriented, while also being able to squeeze through irregular nodes. Nito doesn’t refund farm, she doesn’t need to care about irregular, just about the ik rate

For garanteed silver mob death who have 50% chance of death, 500% oc and max s1 is required. I usually use devilish bottivah and Edison to reach 500% oc.

nito with scope or devilish is great. she can delete the first two waves by herself. You might use nito as ammo for chen gong but i dont play on jp to so not sure if he can clear wave 3 with a caster

I’d say that nito requires less button pressing on a castoria setup, so she’s faster but you may want a kscope and that she doesn’t IK one or two enemies (preferably gold mobs)

while gong is a beast he may require a lot more of brain work but still extremely fun to use as he just yeets your roster while doing ridiculous numbers, sometimes I just pair the two with nito taking care of one or two waves

As others have stated, you need 500% OC and level 10 on her first skill to guarantee a kill vs silver MOBs. Some MOB types have higher instant kill chance (hands, doors, most undead) and some may have slightly lower than average, but Devilish Bodhisattva and an NP chain can be really effective for wiping out a third wave. Nito is amazing for farming gears at Barrel Tower, for example.

You can pretty much forget about IK ever working against gold MOBs (outside of hands/doors), but if you do go for more NP levels, she can be great for nuking waves 1 and 2 with a starting charge CE, or just nuking a single wave with Black Grail or an event bonus CE.

Nito is a really great unit for anybody who doesn’t have one of the NP looping systems online, and can be used in a wide variety of farming comps. I sure worked mine hard before Skadi, as she was only 100k away from bond 10 before DSS took over!

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you’re feeding her a grain diet?


As I recall from ancient Egyptian history, that’s probably what her diet was based on, anyway.


Nitocris is awesome for traditional mob farming; however, Nitocris was rated F-tier for Castoria looping.

Nitocris’ IK procs before damage, so her IK can turn a 3/3/3 node into a 0/0/0 node for zero refund. In that sense, she’s actually worse than 1-hit Nero saber.

I just got her, and am in the process of raising her. She’ll replace Summer BB for general Ember/QP farming.


That’s not fair, though. Every servant is worse than Nero.


The thing is though, she doesn’t actually need to loop because of her battery. Hell, she can do 3T “looping” right now with two wavers (with maybe a Tamamo plugsuited in for the final wave) if you have a superscope. Sure, the damage output won’t be amazing, especially at NP1, but she can do it with ease, and with Castoria, she is going to receive a huge power buff just because Castoria provides more relevant buffs to her than Waver.


And some fish from the Nile.

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