A not-so Crazy Eliwood idea?

I really am loving Brave Eliwood, and the idea of giving him ruptured sky (and even Atk wave since it’s there) is incredibly exciting.

BUT I only have the one byleth (female no male), so I kinda dont want to lose her. I dont use her that much (should i?) My go-to swords are Soleil and Chrom.

I guess how good is byleth/would it be a waste to fodder my one and only?


Don’t. F!Delthea has even attack wave at 4 stars and can be summoned with grails.

Sacrifice her for Fury 4 instead. Waves are meh.

The waves are completely secondary xD it’s the special that sparked this, with its bonus damage on against beasts and dragons.

Is it overkill to boost damage by 40% of foe’s attack when it’s of that type? (Vs 20% of foe’s attack for all else). I already do extra damage from the weapon after all.

I’m also not a huge fury fan. I know it gives big stats, but the constant health loss is annoying.

(Figured this was easier than making a new thread, but let me know if it’s against the rules)

Hes finished! (Mostly). His c slot could maybe use work, but hes good for now and I love him! A true dragon/beast killer.

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I aprove of this. Fury allows for some mixed phase usefulness.
And he has enough power to destroy green beasts and armors!