A pin for beginners

Maybe we can create a list of essential links and guides for new players and get the admin to pin it to the top of the forum for us.
The gamepress guides are very clear and useful in my opinion.

If we did this, what pages should we include? This is what I’ve come up with so far.

Beginner essential reads:

Further reading:


Would it be appropriate to recommend Youtube channels here? I feel that they can be a great help for more visually inclined learners.

Sure, we can add a video list or have a video link after some of the page links.

Gotchya, fren.

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@Moop I made these links for new folk a while ago, the ‘sticky pin’ didn’t seem to work though.

Maybe you can use the links in the resources section of the guide you’re making

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Oh yea I totally forgot this. Why didn’t the pin stick :thinking:
I think I’ll just link to this thread and credit your work instead.

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It’s all gamepress’s work, not mine ^^

Anyway, if you’re doing a deluxe guide, there’s no need for this one to be pinned now :slight_smile:


You say deluxe guide but I only see my own ramblings on it :feh_marisadab: