A possibly interesting consequence of wyrmprint removal


So before I begin and get flamed for not being grateful about the change, let me just say - THIS CHANGE TO THE GACHA IS AMAZING. If anyone is unaware of the changes, here they are. Essentially wyrmprints are gone from the pool and will now be attainable with eldwater. You now gain more eldwater for summoning duplicate adventurers as well as parting ways with 4* and 5* dragons. The craziest part about this change is that it is actually retroactive, meaning that you will be compensated for all the extra eldwater you should have been gaining from a duplicate, thanks to the increased gains from said duplicate. In short, if you’ve summoned a lot and gotten a lot of dupes, you’re about to drown in eldwater.

Now, here comes the interesting part. It’s stated that the 5*, 4* and 3* summon rates for everything else in the gacha (adventurers and dragons) will remain at the same probability. Before, we had a 4% chance to summon anything of 5* rarity. However, it was broken down into 1% for adventurers, 1% for Dragons and 2% for Wyrmprints. With the change we will now have an extra 2% to make up for. This is of course speculation but, more than likely the new rates will look like 2% for adventurers and 2% for dragons. Currently, you have the same chance of summoning a dragon as an adventurer and this change would keep those odds the same. However, how will the featured summon rates look? Currently, a featured adventurer and dragon both have a .5% chance of being summoned on their banner. Can we expect that the chance to summon them would also increase (double) to 1% to be an equivalent of what we have now? Using the Gala Banner as a reference, I personally don’t think so. Gala Banners, while boasting a higher chance for 5*'s in general, have the same .5% chance to summon the featured Gala Unit.

So now we end up with 2% chance to summon both adventurers and dragons, but looking closer, we have a 1.5% chance to summon both off-banner adventures and dragons and still a .5% chance to get the featured units. Essentially, if you were pulling on the banner to get the new hero, your odds of getting them would be exactly the same as they have always been.

Of course, with higher rates you will be getting more 5*'s which is great. Except for the fact that you will be getting a random adventurer or dragon (though the dragons are pretty much always useful unless already MUB) which can result in eldwater, albeit increased yields of eldwater, if the unit is a dupe. For a lot of players who have been day 1 or long time players, we have a fair share of 5*'s which puts us at a higher risk of pulling duplicate characters. So here it is - this change, if the prior speculation comes true, will result in more dupes than new characters, which results in more eldwater, which results in… more wyrmprints. That’s right. With your newfound excess of eldwater, you will be using that excess amount to purchase a whole lot of shiny wyrmprints.

Essentially, all those extra 5*'s you may have gotten due to removal of wyrmprints ended up netting you more wyrmprints. THIS ISN’T NECESSARILY A BAD THING! Even if this turns out to be true, this new gacha system is still leagues better than what we currently have. You will be able to choose what print you want and be able to unbind it at will without having to rely on RNG. There’s also the other vital use of eldwater - promoting units and upgrading Co-abilities. With the extra water, a lot of people will surely enjoy having way more 50 MC unbound units.

This was just a thought that passed through my mind as I was thinking about how this change would affect our current rates and also how my pessimistic nature has to look for any possible negativity in something great I suppose X_x. Love to hear what you guys think.


You bring up some great points and I think you hit the nail on the head! Honestly, I guess I was a bit to optimistic in thinking that the featured would be increased to 1% as well but because of Gala, the consistent 0.5% makes sense :l

I think the summoning overall will still be beneficial to all players, just more to those players with less adventurers. I don’t have all 5* star adventurers and duplicate dragons are always welcome, so this of course feels much better because i’ll either get a dragon or a chance at an adventurer that I dont have vs some random wyrmprint. If I do get a dupe, at least I can choose which wyrmprint that I want (please no more Auspex Prayer)

Ideally I would hope they raise the featured to 1% buttttt yea, this is already pretty great as it is, can’t complain! It just means long time players should save before summoning in order to avoid dupes (: Gala’s will be nuts now haha


So obviously this is a nutty change, this and more are probably going to make Dragalia the next FGO/Brave Frontier in terms of longevity despite hard grind. Using all the stored player data to make players who have already spent feel neutral is great and in general will be useful for parsing the gacha for specifically desired adventurers/dragons for High Dragon content.

My fear is that we will soon see a decrease in wyrmite sources as a result, though if that is compensated with an increase in eldwater sources, then I would be fine with that.

The other issue is the stagnation of the gacha for current whales and spenders, having more of the adventurer collection means that they’re probably all or almost all collected, and therefore pulling the adventurer half of the gacha is just pulling random amounts of eldwater, as opposed to pulling dragons, and Void Battles already lets us easily MUB 4* dragons, which often are better than an equivalent 5* that’s not at 2 or more unbinds. Of course that also means more targeting of limited banners at that point, so it encourages a healthier gacha mindset in a way, while allowing new players to get shinier stuff gameplay-wise.

Personally, I stand to gain at least 85k eldwater, possibly even 100k since I don’t remember how many 4* dupes I’ve gotten. So I will be glad to get my first and MUB’ed Levin’s Champion on the 26th.


Despite that, I am quite ready for all the Eldwater! Since not only are we getting more, but we can choose what to spend it on-- so no more Evening of Luxury/Auspex’s Prayer/unwanted 5* prints.

And I have to admit, this is a welcome change for those hoping to acquire more characters… even if, for launch players, it’s just those last few before completion. For me I just want Hawk and Naveed because heart eyes

Honestly, compared to the majority of gacha games, the roster in Dragalia has become super accessible, too accessible even. Love Live, FGO and especially Epic Seven have characters the average player will never dream of pulling, but in Dragalia Lost I have almost 3/4ths of all 5* Adventurers. Granted, I have bought a couple of guaranteed packs, but it’s enough to feel spoiled.


My luck in gacha hell has been fairly nice to me, I managed to only pull one five star dupe this entire time and it was fuckin’ Hawk. People who sit on their currency like me aren’t affected by this nearly as much, but this also makes players more willing to spend on the game since they now KNOW they won’t get pity broken by Auspex’s Prayer even if the rates stay the same.

For older players who could’ve gotten certain 5* characters, especially the limiteds, I really hope they have the chance of trying for them again or are generously compensated. Also curious if the farmable 5* prints will have a bad trade rate like freebie prints.


I fail to see how this is negative. Even if it is a situation of “less wyrmprints means more wyrmprints”, the result is still that people now have a better way of using their resources. :) As a new player, I’m 100% fine with getting random characters rather than focus units because I don’t have a lot in my roster yet, and I’ve even got some dupes already so I’m definitely looking forward to more eldwater.


I didn’t really mean for any of this to be negative at all actually, my bad if it read like that. Instead of saying negatives at the end, perhaps I should’ve said overlooked consequences. For newer players, this change is the best thing since sliced bread and even older players, as myself and other players mentioned, stand to benefit greatly from the new eldwater system. I was just trying to point out that if a person was excited for this change because they were hoping to get NEW characters instead of the now-removed wyrmprints, there’s a strong possibility they’re gonna be disappointed.

Personally, I’m looking forward to all the eldwater I stand to get to make my boi Lowen swole af and try to carry some off meta units through High Mercury if the hp checks allow it ^^