A puzzling question

I’ve been testing this Deo-D in PVP


However, it seemed to be like, abnormally frail.

It isn’t supposed to be THIS frail since it has higher tankiness than Probopass and Aggron and those two can usually withstand fast move spam bar resistances.

Do I need to max it to make it any viable? It seems like it is.

(I still have 119 candies left to maxing this)

Aside from being under-leveled, Defense Deoxys won’t be as tanky in the Ultra League as it is in the Great league. Since it maxes out at 2274 CP, its total stats are considerably lower than many of the other UL players, which puts it at a disadvantage. It can still be useful, but it’s not going to be the threat that it is in the GL.

Remember I’m testing it for GO Rocket fights. I’m not sure what happened, but a Magnemite using Thundershock is enough to take around 50% of its health for odd reasons; EVEN Aggron doesn’t take that much and Deo-D is supposed to be tankier than Aggron.

The Magnemite is using Thundershock, so neither of the two would resist it in any case.

While defense Deoxys has sky-high defense, its HP is very low. In addition, it only resists Fighting and Psychic. Aggron has nine resistances, two of which are double resists (flying/normal) and one is a triple resist (poison). The broader resistance profile is what makes Aggron tankier.

Against Team Rocket, whose shadow Mons have ridiculously boosted attack stats, defense Deoxys simply doesn’t have the bulk to stand up to them. To top it off, with an attack stat of 144, D. Deoxys hits back like a wet noodle.

Since Rocket battles are all effectively Master League-level challenges, I don’t see D. Deoxys pulling much weight.

Trust me it steamrolls past a lot of stuff. One Rock Slide from it can murder a Drowzee and can kill around 60% of a Wobbuffet’s HP. DPS is not an issue to begin with. My problem is that it dies really easily probably because it wasn’t maxed; Not sure if the 10 DEF ivs were a problem.

Also, in all cases, I’m ignoring resistances in all of my calculations. From what I’ve saw from a practice trainer battle, Fire fang from Candela’s Entei removes 50% from my lv35 Aggron and it would be close to death by then. It can seemingly murder an lv34 Deoxys out of thin air, however. (Aggron does NOT resist fire)

To get a major idea, here’s my problem.