A QoL that I'd like to have added

Plz for the love of Naga IS, why doesn’t units in the reserves show up when we are inherenting skills, even just the option to switch over to the reserves would be nice, I always kinda forget that the reserves are even a thing then I go to fodder a unit that I kinda want to merge up for a skill since they are the only unit I “have” that has it only to remember after that I have a unit that I’m not really interested in using that has the same skill but since they were in the reserves I forgot I had them. I just hate moving a unit to the reserves only to have to move them back when I’m ready to fodder them. Like we have manuals show up in the inherent menu, why not units in the reserves.


Honestly I wish instead of reserves they just gave us 1000 extra slots in the regular barracks. Would have been much better than constantly having to check between them, move units around, etc.


There really isn’t a reason to distinguish between the two, other than to try and not completely shaft the folks who used orbs to increase their barracks.

I mean, they were already totally shafted by reserves, but this way it doesn’t immediately APPEAR that way…


I don’t use reserves for that reason, it’s really lame they don’t show up when inheriting skills. I just send home / turn my units into manuals like I always did. Switching them around is too much of a hassle. Like Halo I would simply have preferred extra slots in the barracks.


I use the Reserves to hold the massive number of 4 Star Grail units in case I ever need them for future quests like GHB reruns. Same with some other 4 Star commons. They’re the real barracks eater for me.

Fodder still stays in my main barracks or as manuals


Same here, but then for 3-4 stars when I’m going through and making space in my barracks (making manuals) I gotta constantly go back and forth between barracks and reserves to check if I already have certain units with good IVs or not. It’s a pain in the butt.


I’m also having mixed feelings about the reserves. As someone with full 1100 barrack I was desperately needing the extra space, but the way they implemented it is not good. I would have loved the extra 1000 spots and that’s it.

I moved all my 4 * to the reserves and was hoping to send some of them home/create combat manuals on them later, but having to move them around is painful. All my 5* are in my barracks but I’m running out of space there too and I know that sending them to the reserves ain’t going to help as the game acts as if they don’t exist for things like SI or merging. I hate that.


I enjoy the barracks idea to sort out units that would otherwise be converted into manuals:
4* Grail units
Posible future projects with good IVs
Outdated units that I keep around in case one day a miracle happens (That 5* Henry and Azama which for some reason are in the same game as Feralgard)

but I agree they should appear when selecting skills to inherit.


Y’all use reserves?


I can’t add much, because I think everyone has already pointed out the limitations of Reserves and what units they’re stashing there, but I feel like it wasn’t a conscious decision to not let those units populate merge/ inherit lists, just that it was a last minute add and they didn’t dedicate a lot of programming time to fully fleshing it out


yeah I have that feeling too. Sometimes it also lags when opening the barracks. bad programming there


The reserves are pretty convenient overall. It’s a nice place to throw my garbage that I’m not quite ready yet to get rid off (never know where inspiration for my next project might come from).
I’d suggest making a group for units you don’t want to manual but have premium material you’d still be willing to give away. It helps me for remembering to check the reserves when I know I have a group dedicated to good fodder.
Still would appreciate the change, it’d definitely save some of the trouble of shifting units between the different reserves.


I just stash 5* units I will never use in there. Don’t need em, not gonna get rid of them (I like to collect) and they aren’t doing anything so they can just sit there

I do agree it is annoying though, especially when I’m trying to merge units and they won’t show up if they’re in reserves.


Meanwhile I continue to create manuals of the heroes I don’t need :feh_almdab:


So do I but I also like to keep some good IV copies. So when I’m making manuals I gotta constantly go between my barracks and reserves to check who I have stored with good IVs to know if I can manual them.


Sort list for:


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I believe it all has to do with server space. I remember Destiny 1 had a similar issue with the vault. The reserve allows them to increase your barracks without needing to keep all that data available at all times. same thing with combat manuals.