A question about the summer event

How do I unlock the 4th node in the summer event jail race? If it’s related to the distance left to travel by the racers, at what distance does the 4th node appear? Thanks.

The fourth node is unlocked after we finish all the rounds(this one is the last anyways). I’m guessing it’s like part 1 where all four rounds will be available to farm

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I’m on round ex4 but the 4th node just won’t appear. I’ve tried cheering on each team at least once, and still the 4th node isn’t unlocked.

Once the round ends, the last story event will open, after finishing that then the fourth nodes on each quest will open.

So, I just wait for until they’ve covered the required distance, huh. Thanks!

the best nodes are basically always locked behind story completion for events

Uh… Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m under the impression that we’re not talking about the same thing. What I mean are those exclamation mark event quests that appear after each race. Every time I finish a race, it always appear afterward. And yet, none of those exclamation marks have appeared after the race on round ex4. That’s why I’m asking why they won’t appear.

Round 4 just started you need to wait for it to finish.

Uh… so it’s based on dates? I have to wait for a few more days? If so, I’d go back and hunt mats in summer race 1. Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

No, it is like a raid event: everytime somebody clears cheering quest, that racer team gets a bit closer to goal. Distances for racers are global for all players

I mean for all intents and purposes, it basically functions like a raid event . just with multiple raid battles competing against each other and a distance meter as opposed to a health bar

edit: errr wait, lol. for some reason my brain read that as “is not a raid event”

Uh… so this 545 m left thing under the team I’m cheering on, it’s a global one and I have to wait for it? Or I just have to continue cheering on them until this distance became closer to zero? I noticed that each time I cheer on team helena, the distance get closer and closer. I’m honestly confused right now.

the more you cheer the faster it’s done

it’s global progress though and not meant to be able to be soloed by anyone except the bots

Yeah, all players see same distance and each time any of us cleares cheering quest and gets shorter for all players.

I see. Thanks for the clarification! That means that sooner or later, my rin in a hoodie would be unlocked. :smile:

I mean, she comes unlocked

friendly reminder to lock the first copy your new non-ssr servants. unless you’re playing jp, with the new and improved autolock settings on

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