A question for those that crafted the 5 star wind wand


So, I’m planning to make the 5 star wind wand for Maribelle, but before that I would love to know how much hp does the wand heal(doesn’t have to be specific). Depending on the answer I might change my mind and craft something else instead.

While I wanted to craft a weapon for Maribelle, it might not be as worth it as a wind sword for Ranzal(even though the skill isn’t that good).

Yes, I planned to use Maribelle in High Mercury with the 5 star wand. The wyrmprint that I have in mind are give me your wound(because of that hp check) and plunder pals.


2.1k HP and 2.7k Str Maribelle here, my wand skill heals ~500 HP, since the HP check is basically non existent in High Mercury i advice you to not use GMYW and instead something that helps with your dps, the fight itself is just a dps race and if you play perfectly you won’t get any damage except for the initial blast, so maintaining full HP is really easy and i only really use the wand heal after the blast. it even goes so far that i’m using both Happier Times and Evening of Luxury as WP because i feel so confident about being full HP the whole time.


Thanks, i really appreciate your help. I’ll get to work crafting that 5 star wand