A question from a newbie

Hello guys, i’m currenty interested playing AK and have played around 2 week or less. (This game is better than FGO because have pity system) I know this is the most basic questions around the newbie. Who should i build? Currently in 4-1 story progress, but still need advice for my team.

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Eyy, another one who escaped from FGO

Your choices so far are pretty good, but I’d suggest getting more E1 LV50s

  • Platinum (Really good AA Sniper, S2 increases range by one row)
  • Nearl (A Contingency Contract MVP, very good for supplementing healing in place of Medics)
  • Jessica (Another good AA Sniper, has the same talent as Exusiai and deals a good chunk of damage with her S1)
  • Midnight (Ranged Guard, Can Deal Arts DPS using his S1)
  • Myrtle (Best DP Generator so far, Really good for fast starts to quickly deploy squads)
  • Gitano (AoE Caster, somewhat niche in her use but good for some hard content stages like Annihilation and CC)
  • Cliffheart (Annihilation 2 MVP, used in conjunction with other OPs to mess with enemy AI paths, Capable of Soloing Bottom Lane in A2)

Now as for your 3* OPs, I’d suggest getting them to E1 LV55 (Max Level) since some of them get Talent Improvements at that level

For E2 Priorities, Exusiai and Nearl are pretty good here. The former’s ASPD boost doubles and gains an Atk/HP Boost Passive, and the latter increases the healing effects of everyone on the field.


Basically 2 of each class and at least 1 of each archtype.

Vanguard : defensive - Zima, she can reduce all vanguard deployment cost at E2. Offensive - You can raise Scavenger at least to E1-50 till you get Texas or Siege. DP on Kill - Vigna till E-50 is ok until you manage to spook Bagpipe.

Sniper - Exusiai and Platinum is good. Kroos as back up. For AOE - Shirayuki is not a bad one.

Defender - normal - Cuora… Well she just too tanky to be ignored. Beagle is good enough early game(although some pro also use her in low rarity comp till chapter 5/6) healing defender - Nearl is quite good.

Medic - normal - Gavial and Myrhh both is not bad. Gavial had mini AOE heal on her s2 while Myrhh had multi heal. AOE - Perfumer. She had universal hp regen.

Caster - Amiya at E2 had sp on attack regen. Steward is kinda unique for 3 star caster since he target heavy armor 1st. AOE - Gitano.

Specialist - you will need at least 1 of each archtype for team complement with all at least skill level 4.

Pusher - Shaw/FEater.
Puller - Rope/Cliffheart
Fast deployment - Gravel (she’s useful to tank or delay some enemy).

Supporter - at least 1 slow supporter is good enough. No need to E2 them unless her name is Angelina.

Summon - not really necessary. But they quite fun to use

Guard - they have too many archtype. Recommended at least 1 of each archtype

And welcome to Spooknights


Not escaping, actually. Just to kill some flatness in FGO gacha hell. Is cliffheart must be leveled? I have cleared A2 without leveling her, but just leveling her first skill.


Levelling Shifters isn’t that necessary, but you’ll wanna promote them to unlock higher skill levels. Every 3 levels or so increases the strength of their push/pulls

Just to kill some flatness in FGO gacha hell

Same here, heard about the good rates and saw some OP designs. I still play FGO, but I’m only really active during Events

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And one question again, is Gitano so good that i must leveled her while i have Skyfire?

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Gitano has higher DPS with her S2 than SkyFire, but the latter has access to a stun. Go with whichever one suits you

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The fact that a 4* is comparable to a 5* in dps when S2 is concerned, then yeah gitano is better to level since she is cheaper, But I leveled skyfire because she’s cat eared Rin… the temptation was too much to pass on.

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You already have a very good squad, just continue developing them to E1L50 with their skills leveled to Rank 4 at least. Focus on your core squad first before developing other key units.

Here’s my core squad recommendation:


  • Zima (temporarily holds your lane while generating DP)
  • Vigna (can be used as assassin as well)
  • Myrtle (she’s very important unit for DP generation)


  • Exu (main sniper. Your top E2 priority atm to enable her boss-killing capability)
  • Kroos (secondary sniper. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s 3*. She does a very good job at her role and is very easy to max out)
  • Shira (AoE sniping)


  • Amiya (main arts DPS)
  • Gitano or Skyfire (many favors Gitano because she can be used to cheese Annihilation 3)


  • Melantha (main assassin)


  • Coura (can be used until endgame)
  • Nearl (supporting defender. Not as good as Coura in terms of tanking but can help your other important units to survive)


  • Silence (a very versatile ST healer with AoE burst healing)
  • Perfumer (AoE Medic with passive global heal)


  • Feater (E1L1 would mostly suffice. Skill level is much more important)
  • Cliffheart (same requirement as Feater)
  • Gravel (crucial unit to bait and stall enemies frequently)


  • Orchid (she will suffice until you get Angelina)

Other units to develop (key/niche units)

  • Platinum (tertiary sniper. Kroos performs better than her at E1. She’s a very nice unit, however, in Annihilation)
  • Midnight (your budget Lapland while waiting for her to come)
  • Steward (your backup mage with niche prioritizing heavy armored units)
  • Gummy (has a secret; use her if you need additional healing+blocking in your team)
  • Gavial (in case you need a 3rd medic; she’s the better choice since she can be easily maxed)
  • Sora (a very good buffer)
  • Podenco (a substitute healer for CC)

And lastly, Summoners: Magallan and Mayer. They are not bad. However, they require more brain juice to use compared to the meta ones. They are units I love to try as soon as I fully developed my meta ones (which is still a lot; the good side is I am still waiting for Mayer to complete my Summoners Squad)

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My recommendations are the following operators.

Myrtle- One of the best dp generators in the game, s2 could be used to heal allies around her making her a sub healer while generating dp. At elite 2 she also heals all vanguard globally. She is viable til late game.

Coura- S2 increase block and defense while also regenerating hp, good stats overall and cheap to invest in.

Kroos- Has really good damage(better than Jessica because of her talent) and really cheap to invest in.

Gavial- S1 and S2 are both really strong heals. She buffs medics upon deployment, she is available on credit store which means you can max potential her easily.

Silence- Drone provides healing when needed, buffs medics atk spd.

Feater- Pusher operator, pretty niche but some events make her shine really well. Like contingency Contract.

Cliffheart- Puller operator, like Feater is pretty niche, but shines of a few maps and sometimes contingency Contract.

Absinthe- dont underestimate her dps as a welfare unit, she has good damage especially thanks to her talent. Her S1 allows her to have a permanent atk buff for the stage once activated, skill 2 allows her to deal good damage to enemies with low hp but can’t atk enemies with higher than 50% hp.

Zima- Buffs vanguards with s2, e2 Talent reduce all vanguard cost by 1, good defense.

Platinum- really good dps, s2 last Infinite duration and increase her atk greatly. Talent synergies well with her s2.

Exusiai- talent 1 increases atk speed, second talent buffs a random ally(if you deploy the desired operator to be buff with this talent first it won’t be random anymore. S2 good on demand burst on low Def enemies, s3 good consistent dps.

Podenco- buffs supporters, cheap to build, S1 makes her into a healer on skill duration, s2 allows her to silence enemies.

Perfumer- AOE healer and has global hp regen as talent.

Gravel- Fast redeploy to delay enemies or kill them. Can be used to bait really strong attacks such as Faust purple bolt(Ch 5 boss)

Mousse- can atk twice with talent, S1 debuff enemies, arts guard. Cheap to invest in.

Utage- Budget hellagur, can’t be healed by allies. Attacking heals her depending on promotion level. S2 heals self and gains Def, 0 block while healing. S2 reduce hp by 50% on deploy and buff atk damage and deal arts damage(on deploy activate) talent increase atk spd based on missing hp.

Vigna- Cost on kill vanguard, can out dps bagpipe with single target damage(losses on multi target dps)
S2 hits really hard and could get up to 200% atk increase on m3.

Nearl: healing defender, useful in events like CC. S1 heals allies with lower than 50%hp can hold 3 charges at m3. S2 makes her a healer for duration while buffing her atk, though she can’t atk while skill is up.

Gummy- like nearl a heal defender, useful in CC like nearl. S1 heals an ally and can hold 3 charges at m3 like nearl, but unlike nearl, gummy can heal allies at anytime as long as they are damaged and she has a charge. S2 buffs defense and she stops attacking and focuses on healing allies.

Amiya- Really good arts dps, her skill 3 is very good at ch 7, but normally you would use skill 2 or skill 1. Her talent at e2 allows her to charge skills really fast.

Shira Yuki- AOE sniper, s2 deals arts damage. Cheap investment, could be replaced with meteorite or sesa.

If you wish to ask more just add me on discord and I’ll teach you all that I know. Also looking for friends if you want to add me my ID is Yuki#2587