A question to the wise

Which vanguard operator generates the most deployment point for a long period of time?

I’m not about to do all of the math for this so I could be wrong, but I’d assume it’s a tie between Siege, Texas, and Zima’s Skill 1’s (their “charge” skills), since skill 2’s are basically always less efficient for DP and Siege, Texas, and Zima have the highest ranked charge skills atm.
As an example, Courier’s skill two has similar SP requirements and slightly better DP gen than his first skill but also has a period of time where he can’t generate SP.

BTW, keep in mind that I’m not doing the math and Courier’s charge skill has a lower SP cost than Siege’s charge skill, so overall efficiency is probably closer than I think.

Also either Vigna or Siege’s skill 2 definitely outpace charge skills in terms of DP in the short term when there are a lot of low health enemies, but I don’t think there are any maps right now where waves like that are sustained over a long period of time.


To add on what @Volta said, everything depends on the map. From the enemy composition to the tiles available for deployment, they all affect the answer to the question as to who generates the most dp.

For example if you have a stage where lots of low hp enemies come in, Zima with some dp on kill ops would come in handy .

Another thing to note, imo anyways, is that Vanguard operators work best with other vanguard operators. Zima grants an hp and atk buff with additional dp on kill. Siege has a passive talent to raise stats (i forgot which ones specifically, I think atk and def). Grani provides dodge chance for added survivability. And this is just a surface level analysis, there are tons of synergies out there, you just really have to mix and match.


In terms of strictly passive DP generation, Myrtle is probably the best. Siege/Texas/Zima’s 1st skill at Master 3 starts at 20 SP and grants 12 DP every 35 seconds. Myrtle’s 1st skill at Mastery 3 has a duration of 8 seconds and costs 22 SP meaning that it takes 30 seconds. So Myrtle’s 1st skill at Master 3 starts at 13 SP and grants 14 DP every 30 seconds. So not only does Myrtle’s 1st skill have a faster start up time, it’s available more often and produces more DP.

Myrtle’s 2nd skill at Mastery 3 has a duration of 16 seconds and costs 24 SP meaning that it takes 40 seconds. Her 2nd skill at Master 3 starts at 10 SP, grants 16 DP every 40 seconds, and heals a nearby ally during the entire duration. Her 2nd skill is 5 seconds longer than Siege/Texas/Zima’s 1st skill but it generates 4 more DP and can heal another ally.

Myrtle’s trait does cause her to have 0 block while using a skill so she does need another Vanguard in the beginning to actually block some enemies. Her passive also grants Vanguards HP regen so Myrtle works best with other Vanguards.


Thank you for stopping by and answering this question.
I never think of this question before since I use Siege and Texas all the time.
But since the team I used most of the time, have a high DP, I wonder if there’s a alternative.
That again, thank you for spending your time to write these sentences (I initially thought there won’t be anyone answering this question).