A quick "fuck you" to the 3H banner


Fuck you for having a A Skill in your C Slot.
Art is a hard meh and her stats probably are a bigger meh-
Also IS it took you two years to make a Female Infantry Axe Unit? Fuck you.
(But fuck yeah for Dull Close Fodder in the normal summoning poll)


Fuck you for having such a niche weapon.
Being a Cav fucks him, so R.I.P (but his horse looks pretty dope)
Also fuck Lull Skills, thanks IS.


Fuck you Claudes VA for being such a cool bastard, literally the best Voice Lines on this banner period.
Also fuck that weapon effect.
Prediction: Next weapon be like:
“If your foe has 1.56% more HP then you’ve years to live then attack twice”
Also fuck Lull Skills x2.

Byleth (F):

Fuck you for being the female version, srsly IS where’s the male one.
That weapon is broken, so we’re all fucked.
Fury 4 fodder outside of seasonal banners fuck yeah.
(But that special is cool though, if that’s inheritable like Blue Flame then fuck every Dragon in the game)

That’s all, bye.


You could’ve just said “Fuck.”

Though he can run Savage Blow and say Fury to keep him always able to proc the effect of his weapon
He looks interesting

I thought the banner is pretty neat, all things considered. I liked it. I wasn’t pulling on it anyway. Easy skip :thinkinglikelukas:


He’s chilling behind a $60 paywall.


Why are people talking about this NOW instead of when S!Ylgr was released? Lmao


Why do people even care in general?


Ayra shall appreciate this greatly :+1:

Also, while I’m not playing FEH, like I said, anymore, I don’t get why people are upset it’s a FETH banner. It’s a new game. They did this with SoV, but people still want characters from there. So, why is it a problem when FETH gets a banner? That complaint is actually dumb imo.

But I get you’re points (kind of), @Lain.

(Also, yes, I know you weren’t saying what I talked about. I’m just clarifying that argument people make.)


Because Female Byleth has a terrible design.




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Lmao, I love her gifs. I need to watch whatever show she’s in.

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She’s Soraya Montenegro from María la del Barrio. The telenovela is super trash, but she is iconic. Do you know the meme [Gasp in spanish]? It’s from the most iconic and trash scene of the entire show.
Yes, I love telenovelas


It’s so cringy yet hilarious at the same time :joy:


It’s a wonder why they didn’t give Cyka Blyeth armor effectiveness. I mean, her weapon is basically the biggest fuck you to the fighter skills that exists in the whole game. Might as well go all the way through it.
Also, fuck this special.
L!Marth would love Edelgard’s C with Bonus Doubler…

But yeah, sounds like a lot of broken BS is to come with that banner. The fodder is nice tho.


That’s my speciality :feh_rein:


Nah , fuck IS to wait almost 16 years to make another axe lord beside Hector, are we serious ?
(Camilla doesn’t count, she is just the queen of fanservice)

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Her C slot grants a field buff. No A slot does that. I never expected a C slot would affect only the user, but we KINDA had that with Wave skills.

At least it’s something different from other follow up weapons we’ve seen, but I’ll agree that it’s a strange requirement. I’ll agree also on him being a cav, it would’ve been nice to have an infantry lance unit considering our last was Shiro.

I thought it was pretty cool actually, but I see where you’re coming from. It doesn’t look too hard to activate though.

I thought they’d put the male version here, but I guess they’re saving him for after the game’s release. Especially since anyone who purchases the game will get him for free.

Her weapon isn’t too broken, we call a lot of things broken that end up being manageable. We don’t know her stats either. But her weapon looks like it was made to cancel out every armor in the game so I’m interested in the potential meta shift her weapon might cause.

I don’t have to pull for Greil on a legendary/mythic banner. So happy about that.

Defiant skills