A quick question about crit stars (that is not an intended pun I swear to God)

I probably noticed this with the whole ‘crit star animation update’ that DW was playing up, but it’s been kind of bugging me.;

I know that a minimum of 50 stars are required to guarantee all three servants can crit on a turn, but I noticed that when it drains the 50 stars from the pool, there are some left over. Are those saved over for the next turn, or are all stars gone in one turn?

Stars do not carry over.


Gone in one at least on NA

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I believe the only use for more than 50 stars is to allow skills that consume stars and still have 50 in play for five 100%s. However, I have never actually had the opportunity to use a star-consuming skill while more than 50 were on the field to test this out. Does anyone know for sure?

Both yes and no - if you pay a star cost off over 50 stars you will of course (potentially) stay on or above 50 stars, but the animation still plays to reshuffle stars so I imagine, under the hood, the game basically considers all the stars equal and there’s not really any difference between paying already-distributed stars or excess stars, mechanically speaking. You just have enough to pay the cost without dipping under 50, but it still runs through the same processes as if you paid the star cost at any other number of stars.

It does work like that yes(plugsuit swap during case files after Zerkerlot had blown his load). The stars in use are consumed then immediately replenished by any overflow.

Cool, thanks. So okay, that means that the most critical stars you could theoretically use is 73: if you somehow have Archer of Shinjuku (consumes 10 stars, although only without his Rank Up quest!), Semiramis (8), and Astraea (5) all on the field, all using their star-consuming skills in the same turn, 73 would leave you with 50.

I wonder if it’s even possible to generate that many stars with that team…

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3 star bomb CEs and Astraea’s S2 will get you 80, but there’s no real reason to run that kind of setup :fgo_gilgalaugh:


Atalanta can hit 99

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Atalante isn’t Semiramis, Astraea, and shady old man.



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You can plugsuit her out.

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I wouldn’t have noticed the pun if it wasn’t pointed out TBH

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Yeah, plugsuit can switch her out after popping the stars.

Of course, I didn’t account for star destruction enemy abilities like Embezzle or some other field effects, which could theoretically eat up any quantity of stars… but I think I’ve pushed the notion about as far as the entertainment value will take us.

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Short, quick, and to the point; that’s what I love about your responses, Gou.