A/R Far Save 3 which unit should get this skill? (D/R Near Save also available)


i can’t make a decision, which unit i should give A/R Far Save 3 . (D/R Near Save is also available))

My best armored units are:

Thank you :smiley:


All of them! They are all great candidates!

Not helpful, I know. :P

B!Hector is probably the best AR offense tank, but B!Edelgard is far better in Arena and nearly as good in AR, so if I only had one, I’d give it to her. I’d wait for speed/something Saves for W!Sothis. Duo Idunn is probably the weakest AR tank there, but she’s excellent in Arena; for me, that would make her the lowest priority.

Tl;DR: B!Hector = B!Edelgard > Duo Idunn and wait for speed Saves for W!Sothis.


None of them, they are all disgusting. :feh_setethcry:

I vote Hector though. He has no real weakness and a busted weapon. Plus his current c-skill is the weakest.
Duo Idunn relies a lot on her duo skill which could be hurtful when used in AR.
Edelgard is also good thanks to DR and her mobility but there’s the armor weakness that Hector doesn’t have.


Spring Idoun


Really though, I think of her, she needs a new C-skill (I can understand the current one is what you may have had for scoring) and for utility, I feel [A/R Far Save 3] will be perfect on her, her Duo Skill centers around tanking and nulling all forms of effective damage also, so that’s handy.
For the [D/R Close Save 3], I’m feeling like Brave Edelgard. :thinking: Or just Spring Idoun because yes. :feh_flaynfire:


I would go with Far Save on BHector and Near save on SIdunn. Hector is the only one with a prf DC skill, so the oportunity cost of running some other A skill is diminished, while SIdunn can make excelent use of her native Stance + VF, which would then free her seal slot for something more useful like Sturdy/Mirror Stance. The Duo is also nice to stop slayers when needed.

BEdelgard is also a strong candidate for both, but I prefer the other two thanks to their inmunity to debuffs + inmunity to slaying weapons + WF + QR + Guard + Breath combo.

Edit: all this was for AR-O. I have no experience in AR-D as I ignore that part of the game.

  • Hector for AR O use.
  • Brave Edelgard for AR D, and decent in Arena and AR O.
  • Spring Idunn is probably better with Close Save. Her weapon effect will always work with the Save skill and you can afford to use her base Sturdy Stance 3. For AR O, dragon killers on melee are pretty rare anyway.
  • Won’t bother with Snowthis, but she is probably better with Close Save as well.

I’m curious why you would pick Edelgard for ARD. I am leaning towards that same choice, but am still curious for your reasons. Mobility?


Mobility is the strongest reason. Since for other units you either need to get a Match support (difficult to do unless you run Duma), or you just live with it and let your Save unit get left behind.

Brave Edelgard fixes all of those issues.

I am still experimenting with Brave Edelgard on defense. Currently initial impressions are promising.


On defense, it depends on your layout and whether you can fit two armors into it. I have a layout where just one armor without any movement buff fits nicely into the overlapping ranges as a front liner. He hasn’t gotten left behind too badly yet, and the Save has a good range, so the lack of movement isn’t too bad.

Most defenses will probably want a little more mobility, though. If you have room for two armors, one with Near and one with Far save will be a strong setup. You can put Armor March in the seal on one of them, but the AI won’t keep them stuck together every time. Thus, B!Edelgard is handy.

Thanks for the info, @Warlock too! I came to a similar conclusion, so happy to find likeminded ideas here.

As for using Edelgard, ran some numbers, and defensively, running noontime and distant defense seal have been giving me the best results. Beats both Duo Lyn as well as all iterations of Micaiah if you manage debuffs properly.

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The issue with that is you will lack any enemy phase threat. Which is not exactly something you want to forgo.

Personally, I still prefer running with either Bonfire or Glimmer.

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I could see Glimmer working also. I guess it also depends on how many hits she would need to tank?

But without special acceleration, Bonfire seems too high a cooldown to me.

I didn’t run any DC, just pure tanking with AR D DEF/RES and DEF RES Bond.

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In that case, why not DD4 in the a-slot?

I’m not sure if I wouldnt run DC tbh. Retaliating is actually a good counter against a lot of units.

Seen your latest defense tho, that was scary enough.

Now that I have your attention ;) Would you say Fatal Smoke is the best C slot for a Kempf?

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I like AR D DEF RES a lot as it works on both player and enemy phase against both melee and physical threats.

Fatal Smoke Kempf is about as niche as Panic Smoke, as Venin Edge by itself does not have any defensive mechanisms. You can use Fatal Smoke if you run defensive skills such as Windsweep and Deflect Melee, but it will never be perfect.

I am thinking of running a rally trap kempf. So basically make him the first to hit anything, while staying out of range during the attacking player phase. Fatal smoke would then allow me to guarantee 20-30 damage on whatever is in range, taking away the insane HP stacking possible on ARO. Or at least, thats the idea.

Damn, I have forgotten to answer in this topic. xD

My First A/R Far Save 3 goes to B!Hector ^^"

Now i have still 2x A/R Far Save 3 available. ^^"


Np, I’m thinking that you can give up one of the copies to Spring Idoun for a general purpose tanking set. (I would take [Distant Def 4] as well if possible!) Xchan also provided great advice though I believe you already had [Distant Counter] on Spring Idoun, so either {save} skill works wonders for her.

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I’ve been using this.

And it’s been super funny watching people try and Galeforce around her to melee my dancer/healer and fail.