A Shame

A while back, I needed Safeguard fodder, but I was looking for a supportive merge project, and I came across Lene. She has good stats at +10, and good access to skills. Her attack is high enough to do some damage, and her defensive stats high enough for a defensive build. Her speed is obviously quite good, and her HP high enough for Infantry Pulse with a refined weapon. Also, she has access to the defensive swords (Safeguard/Barrier Blade), the Chill blade Geishun, R Duel Infantry, Steady/Warding Breath, Wrath, Null skills, Special Spiral, as well as powerful supportive skills such Infantry Breath and Infantry Pulse.

Then I realized when I asked the question a couple of days ago; she’s 5* locked because IS refuses to demote stupid Valor skills.


Honestly, Valor skills are not worth keeping 5 star locked.


But apparently the laziness of people makes it worth it. :man_shrugging:

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Demote my Lene
I have a lot of possible builds for her

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The only Valor I can see IS giving us at a lower rarity unit is Staff Valor.

And even then, it’d probably be the 5 star skill on a Grail unit.

F for Lene and Valor Skills.


Edit: after thinking about it, F for Shinx too.



Lene was born into this world for a purpose.

That purpose is that she inherits her Safeguard+ and Sword Valor 2 to Arden. :ardenwoke:


I’ve been in the same boat, I’d love to +10 Lene if I could.

Although in FE 4, Silvia is the one with the safeguard and Lene has the barrier blade. Idk why Heroes switched it up.


I was hopeful because Silvia got demoted, but her statline isn’t as great imo

Silvia: 40/27/36/17/30
Lene: 35/28/35/23/28

The mixed bulk and higher attack sells it for me

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Well Lene was five star locked before Silvia got demoted since Lene was added way before Silvia, but you weren’t playing Heroes then, right?

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I started playing around the 2018 Halloween banner lol
I am nowhere near a launch player

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Silvia and Lene were both added in 2018 but before you started playing


Well ok
I guess… I won’t mind her too much as a pitybreaker unless special circumstances.

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