A SIX MONTH long summoning Campaign?


Wow, DW really wants us all to have plenty of Assassins and Extra classes!!!

From March 23 to September 24 is a loooong time!

EDIT: Looks like they fixed it :frowning:


Image doesn’t work.


I reloaded it.

Can you see now?


Wait, this is serious?


Check your in-game news :smile:


Incoming 10 Hr maintenance to fix 1 typo


Huh…that is intriguing. Wait, it actually on the in game news?!



I doubt it’ll be 10hr. It would take a hour or less to fix it.


As of my checking it one minute ago…yep!

Go to your news and click the class based summoning campaign article and check out the date for Assassin/extra!


Also, when u post this thread I thought it was for Jp…due them trying to have Lost cosmo last to 2020/21.


its a meme
during the fgo us tour,
cause of the typo on the summoning banner
where nero was shown as ssr instead of sr
they had emergency maint
taht took wayyyy too long just to fix the supposed typo


Hmm, I couldn’t help but wonder why it would take that long to fix a typo?


thats what we wanted to know man