A small discussion about the next Gala character

Its kinda clear that Laxi will be the next gala character, that being said, I still have no idea of what weapon she could possibly be, I’m personally thinking between a dagger or a bow though deep inside I kinda hope she stays as a blade/katana. Any guesses on what weapon type she might be?

Fire Dagger would actually be pretty neat seeing as it’s not a common combo, especially due to a lack of a Melsa rerun.

Fire Blade would just make her original self more obsolete. And Fire Bow is already covered by Sarisse…

I imagine that Gala Laxi might be a style character that can change between Laxi as the more offense oriented type and Mascula as the more defense oriented type.

The reasons why I’m thinking that she could be a bow is due to how some androids on chapter 11 were using bows as well and also because Gala Leif was a Wind Sword when GRanzal existed before and completely outshone him.

Her Gala is revealed to be a Flame Dagger.

Her kit is looking nice, and she’s got a unique co-ability, which means she won’t override her dagger teammates. Eden Mode, meanwhile, is interesting. If she comes home I may try it (and her) out.

she’s got a unique combo that isn’t explained ingame. there’s a video on the official twitter that explains it though