A small feature I'd like to see

Yay? Nay?


Oh man. I hate that gift and raid information spamming so much.

100% agreed.


Hmm… For Raid information I would rather have an option to set, so it displays only the raids I want. (For example: T5 only, T3 only, T3-T5 etc.). Also an option to adjust the meaning of “soon” in raid notification. To me, 1 hour away is not “soon”

Gift notification- I am neutral toward this. I only have about 25 friends, all of them don’t play that frequently. Or at least they don’t open gifts that consistently. So having a notification about who has opened a gift is helpful. In other times, it doesn’t bother me.

My pet peeve notification: “[Your Pokemon Name] needs a treat!” NEVER shows up when you need it to. When it does show, your Pokemon is already kicked out for hours.


True, and it only shows up in the overworld view.
I’d also prefer to have a notification show up when someone challenges me to a battle other then just the overworld view.