A T3 Raid solo before the farewell

Well, I knew it would happen eventually. My state’s governor issued the stay-at-home order yesterday, so my Pokemon Go-ing will probably be put on extended hiatus. But before I go, some stories of my latest T3 Raid solo attempts.
4/2 - A new challenge: Banette!
Okay, to be honest, calling this one a challenge is giving it a bit much credit. Just mind your Ghost types around Shadow Ball versions, and mind your Dark types around Dazzling Gleam versions.
Weather - Sunny, no advantage
Team - 2 Gengar (SC-SB) 1 Chandelure (Hex-SB), 2 Weaville (Snarl-FP), 1 Weaville (IS-FP)
I got the Dazzling Gleam Banette. After a comfortable start with with dodge practice:

Saturday - An old foe with a new trick : Alola Raichu
Weather - Sunny, no advantage
Team - Same as the Banette Raid
Boss moves - Thunder Shock / Wild Charge
What happened though: It was a glorious battle. My Gengars clawed their way through Alola Chu’s hp. Wild Charges were dodged, Shadow Balls were thrown. As my second Gengar was getting low, I prepared her to take a dive on a Wild Charge. A.Chu charged her, Gengar goes down, in comes my Chande- Weaville?! Baffled, the fight continues. My Weavilles snarled their way through this new foul play and the Alola Chu goes down.
Check my roster after match: Chandelure is fainted. But it never was sent out to fight. And was 100% at the lobby. Chandelure was just skipped in the team order and wound up fainted somehow. Unless A.Chu’s Wild Charge is so strong it can faint one mon and the next mon in line (jk)

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Really nicely done! I love seeing more people being interested in solo raid challenges.

I took the Banette Challenge too and i’ve got the Shadow Claw/Dazzling Gleam. I went full on Gengar’s team. 4 deaths due to Gengar’s frailness but I had 84 seconds left to spare. I like when Niantic throws new T3 and T4’s. I did Alolan Muk yesterday and it was really easy because it had Acid Spray, which did nothing to Excadrill lol

I know it’s more difficult doing raids nowadays because of the global situation. I have the bless of having a gym in front of my house so I can keep doing raids time to time, but also I can’t get out so I’m limited of what raids the gym itself throws during the day.

I remember when I tried Alolan Raichu in the rain (Last year). It was a disaster! It had Spark and Thunderpunch. My poor Gengars got almost one-shoted with each charged move. I lost the first round, but when I learned the Thunderpunch dodge timing right, I was able to complete the raid with 12 seconds left on the clock. Good times!

This is what I did to DG Banette

Nice tries, but Sunny is best weather to do a. Raichu. Groundon/Rhyperior easy wins, unless Grass Knot.

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Landorus/Flygon/Garchomp? It might be a bit harder, but I think they are fine.

I did the same, the raid would have been trivial except for connection issues - first two tries, Garchomp stopped taking damage 25 sec into the raid, then with 50 seconds left, it gave me a ‘no contact with server error’, and A-Muk jumped from just into the red to only down about 15%. Happened again on a retry, then I switched it up and started with Swampert, putting Garchomp second. That helped, for some reason - Swampert took damage throughout, and went down with A-Muk just in the yellow. Garchomp finished up, taking little damage, and getting one ‘no contact with server’ error, but it didn’t affect the raid. Also fought Acid Spray, does near nothing to ground types, it’s the fast attack that brings you down. Caught easily.

Not sure why, but it felt like Garchomp was causing the errors. Maybe because he’s maxed out, and a best buddy, but wasn’t currently my buddy pokemon. Dunno.

Same with the Alolan Muk, Excadrill was my lead and the fast move was doing more damage than Acid Spray

I did a compilation of the April Fools event raids:

Of course, in each one of them one of the accounts got the Regen Glitch so every raid was a second try because of that.