A terrible mage, albino bull and old samurai walked into a labyrinth

(Insert joke here)

Just one of my crack head ideas I had thinking over team comps…
This is assuming maxed skills, NP5 Asterios and NP 1 Waver/Yagyu

Yagyu (Kaleidoscoop)
Asterios (Demonic Bodhisattva)
Waver (Kaleidoscoop)
No need for limit break

The setup:
Waver: Pop all skills, crit/30% charge on Asterios
Yagyu: First two skills for atk up and arts up
Mystic code: use some form of atk up for Yagyu (like plugsuit or arctic)

NPs ready
1st Waver, 2nd Asterios, 3rd Yagyu

Result on the first NP turn:
Enemy debuffed for: -95% def, -100% atk, 50% chance of stun, curse (yay?)
Allies buffed for the usual Waver atk/def (30%, with 500 damage extra and damage down)
Yagyu buffed on top of that for 50% arts, 20% atk and the Mystic code buff > For one NP hit

Results on the two turns after that:
Enemy debuffed for -55% def, -60% atk
Allies buffed for Waver’s buffs.

Last three turns:
-25% def and -20% atk on foes.

With still options open for:
Asterios’ 40% def up and 30% atk up (both 3 turn) and his buster+star gather skill
Yagyu’s -50% 1 turn atk down + 50% np gain. Best used with arts cards for another NP hopefully within the 6 turns.
Plugsuit funtimes

Obvious downsides:

Very ready and go, pre boss waves can mess things up.

Magic/debuff resist hurts

Big momentum once everything goes, loses that after the effects run out. Asterios especially isn’t that useful beyond the first turn (though a well placed buster crit will still hurt). Asterios can survive, but has a hard time getting another NP running.

Probably a lot more issues I overlooked.

Some art for fun


No waifus 0/10


Reminds me that I still need to try out fluffy boi in actual combat…

But sounds like it would be easy to devour a break bar and receive almost no damage in return

Biggest thing I want to figure out for it is two things:
-How to get to the boss in multi wave fights (before Asterios explodes)
-How to follow up after the first bit, especially since I don’t trust Asterios’ np gain to fire off another NP.

And here I thought this was about LB 1

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I thought you were talking about Europa when you mentioned an Albino Bull.

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Sounds like a fun team comp though a dedicated secondary team is needed for the backrow if using anything other than the Atlas MC which has better utility for this sort of team set-up. Since by turn 3 even with Asterios Def buff he’ll still explode to a stray crit. Yagyu and Waver can undoubtedly live longer due to their inherent Tankiness in having higher stats. Would be a strong set-up for bosses with multi hit atks though.

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Yeah, Asterios is the weak link in a few ways even if he’s basicly the main point of the strat.
He can survive in the 6 turns the labyrinth is active (From Yagyu’s atk down and Waver’s def up in the first half, his own def up in the second half) But that’s about as long as he can buy time.
Unless the foes has high hitcounts, you get a few arts chains, ect…

So indeed a backup team is needed to pick up the pace.
I think I’d accually rather use plugsuit to get through the first few waves if needed using a berserker like Herc for the dirty work. Switching him out after.
And keep another arts servant to replace Asterios if he dies. Like Paracelsus, Caster Gil or a ready go offencive unit like Lancelot.

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