A theory about Rhea and the Church of Seiros

Hello everyone. I have still been working on some theories, but decided to take a break from posting them. (also sorry that I haven’t been posting much on here, but lately there hasn’t been much for me to discuss about heroes) This one I found to be rather exceptional, so I decided to muster up the energy and time to prepare this.

Alright, so I hope that some still remember this thread:

This thread mentioned that it was actually Nemesis that came up with the story about heroes relics being gifts of the goddess and not Seiros. In addition to that the developers mentioned (in the nintendo dream interview) that Seiros altered history to keep peace and harmony as much as possible.

But in what way did Seiros actually alter history if she didn’t come up with the lie about the Heroes Relics? And in what kind of way did she run/build up the Church of Seiros?

Lets see what Catherine has to say about Rhea:

image image image image

Catherine says here that Rhea has saved countless other people (besides Catherine), however what would those people do after they had been saved? Rhea might have been the only person that ever showed any care for them, so of course they would end up staying with her. They would protect her and they would assist her in her attempts to save other people. The two best examples for how this would play out are with Cyril and Alois. Cyril was taken in by Rhea and allowed to stay at Garreg Mach.

As a result Cyril started to train so he most likely could become a knight of Seiros as well.

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Alois however refers to Jeralt as the person who raised him and he looks up to. As a result he is also able to join you in Crimson Flower, because he felt more affection towards Jeralt (and as a result you) than that he felt towards Rhea. This is given to create some contrast.

In addition we also know that Shamir and Jeralt have been saved by Rhea as well


image image image


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So considering this there is a pattern with the people that joined the knights of Seiros in that the ones we know all have been saved by Rhea/the church of Seiros. This means that it is possible that the majority (or even all) of the knights of Seiros are people that were saved by Rhea in one way or another. These people most likely got inspired by Rhea to help others as well. In addition to that they also got a purpose in life as a result of working for the church of Seiros as seen in the dialogue of Alois (above) as he mentioned that he felt like he was living without aim while in the monastery.

How was Rhea able to save all of these people exactly?

This is ironically best conveyed in one of Edelgards statements when she declared war on the Church of Seiros.

Yes the church of Seiros did indeed gather gold by preying on the devotion of those who wished for the goddess’s salvation. However it was the nobility that they preyed on. The nobility obviously are the people that wish for the salvation of the goddess, because they are the ones that believe that their bloodline has been chosen by the goddess in order to let them rule. And considering what I mentioned before that the concept of the Heroes Relics being gifts of the goddess came from Nemesis and not Seiros, you could consider that this is the part of history that Seiros couldn’t rewrite. So Seiros likely instead ended up demanding that they would pay a fee to the church to show their devotion and rewrote history on that basis.

I believe that the reason that they gathered gold was so they could build a safe haven for people who didn’t have a place to call home. And no I don’t mean that only Abyss is this haven, because Abyss seems to be built for people who either have a criminal past (Yuri/Balthus), have some other complicated reason to not be allowed to enter the surface (Hapi) or have a personal reason to prefer staying below the surface (Constance). I believe that Garreg Mach is supposed to be this haven. This is sort of shown to us with the orphans of Remire village (in the chapter after the incident) that get to stay at the monastery (which is also mentioned by Cyril in his B-support with Claude).

This as a sidenote to what Cyril says here and how we experience it in the story:

Considering that we never actually notice that these orphans took refuge in the monastery (beyond that you see orphans in the monastery and that one of them mentions Remire village to you) you could argue that Rhea doesn’t even show off that those orphans from Remire village and some of the other people are saved/helped by her. If she truly was so intent on manipulating everyone (what a lot of people seem to be accusing her of) wouldn’t she be far more open about saving those people?

It is actually very likely that there are a lot more people that got help/got to stay at Garreg Mach over the year that Byleth was working there, however Rhea never shows this off, so it most likely eludes us.

In the end Rhea takes gold from the rich and uses it to create a save haven for people who would otherwise not have a future/home. Therefore my conclusion became that the Church of Seiros is most likely the largest charitable organization in Fodlan.

I hope that you found this an interesting read!


Definitely an interesting read. I always love these types of threads that analyze a character and their actions instead of saying whether they are good or bad. Rhea wasn’t the greatest person but she wasn’t terrible either so I liked reading this post :+1:



I must however admit of showing quite some bias for Rhea in my thread. And it isn’t exactly that much of an analysis of her character, but more of the organization that she is running.


Yeah I get that. It’s still interesting with what you said because I like seeing different viewpoints since I don’t really like Rhea that much. She creeped me out a bit, ngl, but she’s definitely done some good things for Fodlan and some of the Chruch members help show the good she’s done


I largely agree with your assessment and i think you missed a detail as well. I forget where he says it but lorenz makes a comment about not being overly religious himself but nobles see it as a duty to show off their faith and devotion to the church so that commoners will do the same


You’re right. I believe that this was his monastery dialogue at one of the pre-timeskip chapters so it is rather hard to find it back.


Yeah you find him in the church itself and he asks if you came to pray and you tell him no and then his support goes up and you get that dialogue