A Veteran's guide to the game

Listen to this while reading and have a champion time

I’ve played PMEX since Beta and the game has changed a lot although the account I use isn’t my original I still remember how boring the game used to be. back then we didn’t have 6* EX or Energy or even Most of the characters that we have now.Even still I still loved the game for the week that I had it before getting bored, from release to now So many positive changes have occured and my current account is here to stay.

DeNa, made so many QoL changes when they took over the project and now it’s one of the largest mobile games at the moment I’m writing this Topic.

The game has steady flowing events and very niche but fun characters from RGB to Sword and Shield. The game practically caters to People unwilling to spend money with the generous amount of F2P gems they dish out on a monthly basis, and most importantly they mostly Listen to the players.

N, Gloria, Alder, (SS) Elesa, Glacia, Misty just to name a few, are just examples of Fan-Faves, there’s a Sync Pair for everyone, want a Champion team, Alder, Blue, Cynthia and bam a team of Champions. Why are all Champions strikers?

My suggestion is plan and strategize, don’t just smack 3 Strikers who can’t heal themselves on a team and expect everything to be a Cakewalk, The game doesn’t play nicely with players who do that. Ask me how I know Meticulously plan your team, no more than 2 Strikes 0-1 Techs and always 1 Support. Also I cannot stress this enough but… USE THEME SKILLS!! they are very helpful, try to fill as many boxes as possible, Type, Region, MC/Champ/Gym Leader/E4, etc. (Sygna Suit characters lose their character type because “Sygna Suit” is a character type that will be added at a later date, so will Legendary trainer, Rival, Evil Team (Leader), etc.)

I hope this guide proves helpful to all you wanting to try this game out. any lurkers from other communities, I know your lurking feel free to help resurrect this community and download Pokemon Masters EX today

Thank you for your time, I’ll install a music track later After I find one PMEX has so many good tracks

You are all amazing people, So with that :deer: out