A whale's end

This came after many days of thinking, it is not something out of the blue.

I have realized that i’ve covered all areas in my rooster, thanks to a good combination of whaling and luck.

And i’m the first to say that i’m all in all very lucky, because getting all the servants i’ve got with low - moderate luck would have meant many, many more dollars spent.

I bought the last pack of SQZ this evening, making my sqz total 348 (but many are locked, because they are paid. And i’ll use those only for future GSSR).

With these sqz and all the free sqz/tickets i’ll get , i’ll try to get only the last servants i desire:

1- Atalanta Alter NP2 (NP3 with the next free 4* Ticket. And if there are more, she’ll get more NP levels this way)

2- Nitocris Assassin NP…well, at least NP2, since her damage is bad.

I say this because this way i put my words on the line :sweat_smile:

All in all, i’ve mixed feelings about all this. On the one hand, FGO is the only game that made me spend money in-game. So, surely rolling is addictive. ( A good reason to turn f2p! ) So, it does not make me happy.

On the other hand, at least my good luck made me roll many good servants without utterly destroying my wallet.
So, it’s a bitter-sweet experience.

Surely i learned a lot about this. First of all, that save for FGO, i should stay away from gatcha games.

That said, at least my job pays well enough and i will replenish the money spent soon enough. (Even if not as soon as i would like :roll_eyes: )

And now that i’ve stopped whaling, let me show you the vault of this lucky ex-whale. The only reason why i think that at least i have not completely wasted some of my money :sweat_smile: (again, bitter-sweet ! )

Let’s say that my account is worth less than 5000 dollars and more than 1500. The real sum is somewhere inside that. But afterall, i would not have been a whale if i spent less than 1000 dollars.


Mordred NP2
Saber Fran NP2
Suzuka Gozen NP5
Saber Lancelot NP4
Nero NP1
Artoria Alter NP1
Musashi NP3
Sitting EX NP5
Saber Artoria NP2
Rama NP1
Eon NP2
Siegfried NP1

Arjuna NP2
Atalanta NP3
Emiya alter NP1
Tomoe Gozen NP5
Ishtar NP3
Orion NP1
Emiya NP4

Enkidu NP2
Tamashark NP1
Kiyohime lancer NP2
Karna NP2
Parvati NP4
Ana NP4
Fionn NP2
Eli-chan NP2

Quetz NP1
Summer Mordred NP4
Ozmandyas NP1
Drake NP1
Astolfo NP5
Anne and Mary NP5
Martha NP3
Marie NP1

Sherazade NP1
Ilya NP1
Tamamo NP1
Waver NP1
Caster Gil NP5
Medea Lily NP1
Xanzang NP4
Caster Nero NP1
Nitocris NP5
Helena NP2
Nursery NP3

Chiyome NP5
Yang Quin NP3
Osakabehime NP5
King Hassan NP2
Shuten NP3
Cleopatra NP1
Danzo NP5
Wu NP2
Carmilla NP4
Stheno NP3

Penthesilea NP2
Tama Cat NP3
Nobbu NP4
Ibaraki NP2
Raikou NP5
Vlad NP2
Heracles NP5
Beowulf NP2
Fran NP4
Berserkerlot NP2

Gorgon np2
Sherlock NP2
Melt NP2
Hessian Lobo NP5
Kiara NP1
Passionlip NP4

For a total of 53 SSR and 146 SR.

Whales around the forum, how are these numbers of SSR/SR rolled for less than 5000 dollars? Lucky or not?

Man, i think i should have stopped whaling sooner.

Well, at least as i sayd i have a job that pays well and can afford all of this. :roll_eyes:

I’m still a bit salty, because FGO somehow breached my defense and made me whaling. And as i said, i never bought in-game things before in all my life.

…let’s put all of this in the past and enjoy a free game now. My wallet is sealed and won’t be opened again. (besides, even if i would i have closed my google account. Without it, no means to use google play --> no means to buy SQZ :sunglasses: )


Good thinking, that. Buuut, you can always open a new one, so we’ll see if your resolve will last. :smile_cat:

That aside…If I were to do some accounting, I think I’d arrive at similar amounts of € spent on my end since I started playing in February. Rolls varied wildly, from getting a certain target right on first or 2nd 10-roll to having positive droughts a couple times (looking at you, Tama, Drake and Musa). Exact amount of Servants + NP-levels I could do an exact count again, only got the one NP5 5-star in the form of Caster Nera from my one definite lapse in summer, that I know. :sweat_smile:

Either way, neither of us will likely want for any class-specific means in our arsenals to tackle certain content, so you should be good to go from a practical standpoint - do get around to leveling your crew’s skills at one point, though, some are a bit behind from what I can see in FL.
Myself, I just got too many “wants” (if not “needs”) in upcoming content to draw a close to my €-spending, though - plus, other venues I throw nowhere near as much money at. :joy_cat:

I’m working on it, i’m preparing for Christmas lotto.
I’ll use the resources earned to improve my servants (especially friendlist ones )

“Wants”… Well, at some point i will get Jeanne. She is my forbidden dream, a servant i like that that have always eluded me. I will roll for her.

After Nitocris assassin i’ll save for MHXX.

Then, i’ll save for Melt lancer and Okita Assassin.

Then i’ll save for Space Ishtar

Then…i’ll start saving. In 2022 or more a Jeanne banner will come, and i’ll be ready :sweat_smile:

Don’t know if i can compare to that since i whaled only for Archuria / Musashi / Carmilla, but it seems a lucky one (mostly because of NP levels not how many 5*/4* you have).

I think you know yourself well enough to know that’s a forced statement :sunglasses: and will fall with the next banner which feature something you like.
I think i saw your rolls on every banners so far so it’s kind of difficult to stop like this; we’ll see with new year :scream:

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I’ll try to resist temptation and be f2p.
I do hope to have a iron will. Only time will tell.

Is nothing surprising that a whale has his rooster covered, these animals are vastly different in size

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I’m a bit afraid of doing some serious counting of my total spending so far (I’ve toned down my average spending a lot this year, but last year I whaled quite a bit), but you were likely luckier than me, definitely when it comes to SRs.
I think I spent more than you, while I’m at a total of 63 SSR and (at least) 104 SR.

That being said, my list (especially on NP levels) looks a lot worse on SRs than it could have, because I probably burnt notably more dupes and servants I dislike/never plan to use than you did. Hard to say for sure, but considering how many RP I still have and how many I’ve approximately spent, I must have burnt at least 30 SRs since I started playing, quite possibly more, and only the cases I remembered with certainty are accounted for in the 104 figure above.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

At least to me, other gacha games I tried haven’t been even remotely as addictive. I did spend 100 € on FEH, but only when I learned I couldn’t use the € google play card I bought for FGO. Epic7 didn’t manage to extract a single cent out of me, either.

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Don’t worry! Whaling maybe only temporarily, but being Tsun’dere is forever!


Oh, but it’s not. They shall forever be a Whale. The Title of a F2Player is one wrought with sadness, salt, and joy. And not for those who have ever spent on Saint Quartz. Your Chaldea is glut with golden pearls and rainbow quartz.


Yeah like I’ve bought SQ at all I’m not F2P lol (alternatively for some, “GSSR-only”). Ditto those who’ve spent way more.

"When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you"


To benchmark your luck: I did some (frightening!) calculations and I found that I have purchased 40 80-saint quartz packs and have obtained 45 SSRs and 80 SRs (including duplicates, but no welfares of course). I think two of those SRs came from 4* ticket campaigns and there’s the starter servant, so I suppose the true “gacha” number is 77 SRs.

The sad truth is that ~50% of my spending was in pursuit of just two servants: Illya and King Hassan. Friends, do not roll after coming back from a boozy brunch; gacha-ing under the influence is one of humankind’s most dangerous pursuits.

For me, it was Ishtar a few days ago that made me stop (or at least i’m trying!) to whale.

I mean, in the morning before going to work i rolled many times --> got only 1 copy of her.

In the evening of the same day, rolled only a few times and got 2, and i mean it, 2 copyes of her.

I realized in that moment the capricious futility of gatcha. :sweat_smile:

Best quote of the day :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That’s Frederick Nietzsche from Beyond Good and Evil. I knew read that somewhere before.

I was reading it last summer but have yet to finish the second half.


If that’s whaling, what I’ve done probably qualifies as a financial crime…ugh.


As i always say, if you can afford it… no shame in it.
We live only once. If you have money and can afford real life things AND whaling, why should you consider it a crime?

It’s as if you could afford 5* hotels, but instead you go to 3* hotels because you feel bad for people with finacial problems.

If you have the money, use it. You won’t win a special prize if you bring your money in your grave

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I jest…mostly. It’s not literally a crime to spend on what you enjoy, but sometimes you step back and wonder if you really, really needed those rolls :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and for nitocris assassin i would say yes.

I’ll give her my soul if my free sqz is not enough :sweat_smile:

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