A work-around (sort of) for the blue borders

A lot of us probably noticed already that FGO isn’t optimized for newer phones, in terms of resolution.

Older phones still have the screen ratio where if you take screenshots or screen record, it will end up as 1280 x 720 , 1920 x 1080 , etc.

Taking a screenshot on a newer phone will make the picture 2340 x 1080 , 2220 x 1080 , etc. depending on the phone.


Phones usually have an option to edit pictures ; look for the pencil icon.
If you pick “crop” there should be an option for 16:9 orientation.


Selecting it will give a rectange of fixed size that you can manually move around on screen.
Double tapping the rectangle might auto-center the rectangle area, but not always. I tried two different phones and it only works for one of them. So if unlucky, you will have to adjust it manually.

manual centering

disclaimer: This is really only going to matter to people with OCD.
If seeing the blue borders doesn’t really bother you, well yeah.
And someone might have already found a less tedious solution.

There’s an app that hides the blue borders which I seem to have lost the bookmark for.

EDIT: found it

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For videos:

Some phone brands and models older than a certain Android operating system do not allow the recording of internal audio.

If you want to screen record, some phones have built-in recorders, and some don’t. iPhone, Samsung or Realme/Xiaomi (I think) have default screen recorders, but they will still have the blue borders.

I tried this video editing app


select crop area

select Youtube 16:9

It should have been 1920 x 1080, but for some reason it became 1918 by 1080. But it seems to work.

Again, maybe this is common knowledge and someone has a better/more convenient solution already.

Wait, does this cover the blue borders into black borders, or does it hyperfocus the screenshots on to just the center?

I solved this problem with duct tape, but it did make the edges of my phone a bit sticky…

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jp laughing at this thread

I know the regular battles have been ‘optimized’ already , but didn’t NPs still have problems

they’re working on those

the wide screen update cannot come fast enough :fgo_insane:

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