Aaaahhhh finally aaaaahhhhhhh

Finally after a lot I finally did it, he is in his 100%





Now merge male Grima, Female Morgan, and Validar when he gets released.

You’ll have the whole family


I congratulate you, i started building one to +5 then i sent him home, at that time i didnt had the correct fodder and he underperformed compared to other blue infantry mages, but if he is a good tank and you have fun using him then enjoy it.

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I gave up on him, i was frustrated, i even dewed his weapon.

But sending home tho…



He’s typically not used for fighting unless it’s again colorless or reds because of his weapon, and even then it’s pretty dependent on the B skill (swordbreaker or bowbreaker), otherwise he’s pretty much used as a support unit.

And before his prf weapon he was used as an Owltome since Brave Lyn and Reinhardt were the two biggest threats, making green units the better Raventome mage.


I made mine a physical tank, though I wish I had Lull Atk/Res as well as Close foil.

I think in refine his weapon on Res to make him a good mixed tank

I’m still mad about his refine.

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TBH in this day and age I find a M-Robin merge project hard to justify. He’s a good supporter with the refine but there are tons of other powerful blue mages, and ranged red threats are still fairly rare (and the two biggest ones, F-Julia and Lysithea, will ravage his below average Res).

My own bias aside, I find F-Robin more worthy of investment purely because she has a better color for a Raven tome unit. Although she is unfortunately a Grail unit and has been heavily outclassed by F-Lyon.

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That refine makes for a pretty good supporter though. Also, the ability to gain IVs is a much better sell than having the green color nowadays.

Incidentally, congrats TC, I have this M!Robin:

And he puts in work in both Aether Raids and Arena thanks to his buffs. Also helps that his S Support is with this Laevatein:

And M!Robin + Laevatein is a very synergistic combo overall so long as the rest of your team consists of movement types other than infantry.

And now that he’s getting a resplendent for a further +2 to all stats, he’s going to be even better.

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STRANGE :feh_royyes: