Aak Attack!

He obviously needs his own thread, so we can discuss his buffing awesomeness and ridiculous fails.

To start with though, this is the wrong description? There’s no difference in my current search speed.

Gamepress has this description:

but I guess there’s zero way of testing that easily…


From what I perceive from the description, I think it boosts the probability of getting certain clue instead of increasing current search speed, provided the stationed Operators have such abilities. It should affect Jessica (boosts the chances of getting clue 3), Indra (boosts the chances of getting clue 5), Angelina (boosts the chances of getting clue 7), etc.
However, it is not specified if the morale consumed per hour is only increased on such operators, or if it affects every operator stationed in the reception room regardless of base skills. (I think it should be the former)
Just my thoughts though, could be wrong.

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I’ve put him at the command center one night and he really tired all my operators and since then i only let him stay in the command center during day.(8-10 hours)

Why in the description it say “increase the Clue faction bonus of all stationed operators”?
“All” and not only “in the reception room”?


Today i have done a better test of the loss of morale due to his talent.
I put him in the command center with 4 operators without morale Bonus( Morale Bonus are not displayed in the command center though)

As you can see in the pic moral loss should be 0.8 per hour
Place operator morale-initial-value morale-after5-6-hours
command center aak/warfarin 24 - 12
factory perfumer 24 - 20
reception pramanix 17 - 12
training room myrtle 24 - 24
office orchid 16 - 12
workshop meteorite 24 - 24
power plant shawn 16 - 12

the loss of morale in the command center is tripled but not elsewhere, but if operators on the command center loses their bonus and are tired, it affect all the operators working in the base.


Interesting results there. So the morale loss increase is applied on the command center instead of the receptionist room, totally did not expect that.
Have you tried if it really affects the chance of getting clue faction? Try putting a Jessica on the reception and see if getting clue 3 is easier with Aak, and check if the same results can be get without Aak. Just me being curious though, you needn’t do it.

I would like to do it but i don’t know how to make it quantifiable, the bonus of operator faction is a mystery.

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I’ve tried a friend Aak support today, he can be a serious Poisoned apple.

Aak had more than 600 ATK and his skill hits you 15x
They aren’t many units at maximum level(promotion) able to survive 15 shots of 600 damage without scratch.


That’s the reason why i keep Aak level to the bare minimum even if i will(maybe) promote him to E2.(as supporter)
Example :
even with 500 def (Aak 600 Atk) the operator will receive 15x(600-500) =1500 damage.


If you want to use him as sniper and Max his atk and trust, it will be difficult to use his S2 and S3.

S2,S3 are deadly because of the X15 shots and it limit the situations and operators able to withstand it.

He can’t be alone and if you use another medic like shining(3 operators to use S2,S3).
Be aware of the placement of the medic and the operator you want to “help”.
Don’t kill your medic or another unit (another limitation).

Don’t forget the minimum damage of 5% in Arknights, 600x5/100 x15= 450

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This is the correct wording on the base skill, seems like.

I’m 5 of 12 with clue 4 using the Ursus kids and Aak.
4 Zima/Beehunter + Aak (Sunday) - reset
1 Zima/Istina + Aak (Sunday)
4 - Zima/Istina + Aak (Monday)
7 - ZIma/Istina + aak - reset (Tueday)
7 - Zima/Istina + aak (Tuesday)
4 - Zima/Istina + aak - reset (Wednesday)
6 - ZIma/Istina + aak (Wednesday)
4 - Zima/Istina + Aak (Wedneday)
6 - Zima/Istina + Aak - reset (Thursday)
4 - Zima/Istina + Aak (Thursday)
2 - Zima/Istina + Aak - reset (Friday)
5 - Zima/Istina + Aak - (Friday)

Also, it doesn’t seem to matter how long you have them and Aak working before the clue arrives.
Some of the hits were only an hour or so before reset or the clue timer finished. And some of the misses were 6+ hours.

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Aak’s skill damage isn’t affected by his level as far as I know.
At E2-20 the wording is the same and still says 500 damage 15 times.
I assume there’s also no +5% minimum damage bonus to this, but haven’t checked that yet.


I’ve made a test with E2 660 Def Liskarm and E1S2 Aak she receive damage.
The minimum damage apply on Aak skill.

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This might be useful:

Thanks @rmunteanu599 for finding it here


Np worries.

To keep in mind, you need Shining for the ranged units or Aaak will butcher them.

You are welcome.


Special case (dodge):
Allies physical dodge works on Aak skill.
i used Aak S2
Hellagur( S2 activated):
Hp remaining after Aak S2 1626/3082
Hellagur def is 220(before the boost)

Jessica S2 activated:
hp after Aak Aak S2 : 478/1440
Jessica def is 130(before the boost)

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