Abby vs non-berserkers

I’ve been trying to decide wether or not to go for abby. I know there is a seemingly better foreigner coming for new years but even if I was to go for her I think the Question stays the same:

Can I use Abby/The Art-foreigner as damagers in Encounters that are NOT against Berserkers? Most guides I red About them says they are amazing against Berserkers (providing you have the Right Setup which, rest assured I have. My Merlin and Tamamo are Ready to carry Little Abby!) but I’m wondering if she’d be as useful in fights that are NOT against Berserkers…similar to like Avanger? You know, are their neutral Damage good enough so Ican use them without regret in normal fights as well? :D

Nothing says you can’t use them against neutral targets, it’s just that they’re not optimal.

She’s not terrible inside of an Arts team against non-Berserker or non-Foreigner enemies. I’m sure you could have reasonable enough success with Merlin and Tamamo to still enjoy yourself.

Unless you’re the type to whine about turn efficiency min-max the game, it’s very easy to kill things with almost any servant at your disposal. If you enjoy Abby as a character, you’ll be fine using her with what you have. If you want her for a gameplay choice, that’s a little different, but no SSR is entirely useless (at least pending future updates), and you can always make them work with the proper support.


Alright thank you very much! I think I’ll go for her anyway then, should have the arts to make it work and I really do like her :3

Awesome! Best of luck on rolling for her. Be sure to reward her with lots of pancakes on her arrival. :fgo_goodciv:

Good luck with Abby!

Drachy hit the nail on the head already. Her base ATK is high enough to be respectable even without the Avenger/Ruler/Berserker x1.1 modifier (for perspective, her effective ATK is practically the same as Amakusa’s - only 30.8 points higher), so her most limiting factors are arguably her horrible NP gain and her lack of an AoE NP. Tamamo can help fix her cooldown issue and hugely help her NP gain, of course.

(I call out the ST NP because I prefer neutral damage dealers to be AoE; for ST I’ll just use true class advantage or a Berserker)

If you don’t want her specifically vs. Berserkers and other Foreigners, you’re choosing her for love, which is okay. She’ll do just fine as long as you’re not expecting ultimate gameplay efficiency.

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Also, now that I got home, here are a few videos I like featuring Abby either as a solo or primary damage dealer:

Featuring Berserkers specifically (she is REALLY good here):