Abigail Williams Noble Phantasms in Three Form ( with Engsub )


I seriously love this Noble Phantasm, especially the theme they decided to use in the background. Salem’s soundtrack is pretty rad.

I’d say the second Ascension is my favorite one all around. Even though I love her cute as heck dress in the first, the incompleteness of the NP in this form kinda takes away from it a bit for me, though it’s a decent enough “uncorrupted” version.


First ascension is her not wanting to do it but were forced by master. That’s why she sound so panicky.


I’m staying away from Abby mostly for gameplay reasons, but I really like her eldritch horror vibe.

I do wish they hadn’t gone full-on loli for the 3rd Ascension, though. I guess the borderline nudity fits with the corruption theme, but it’s still something I could do without since there are plenty of under-clothed little girls running around already.


Oh yeah, I figured as much, but still. I prefer the smoother, more malevolent progression of the other two. Plus, the visuals are just better.

I reeeeally would like a high quality version of this for a background of sorts.


The visuals are so nice. Reminds me of her stage in Salem.


While I can’t really say anything about the latter since that’s a difference of taste (and it really doesn’t bother me), regarding the former, clothing really is a concept of mortals. Hell, more specifically, JUST humans.

Plenty of artists even recognized this by often drawing gods or demigods without clothing because… really what purpose are they? Gods are not at the mercy of the elements (especially as they often control them), nor do they share the shame that often comes as a result of societal expectations to wear them.

This is pretty much a roundabout way of saying yeah, I agree it being indicative of the closer connection to her possessor.


Hah. I’m more-or-less in the same boat as @Gou. Really, as far as it all actually cohering to the foundation of Abby’s character, it works, and isn’t simply shoehorned in so-to-speak (or at least not exclusively, looking at other similar characters lol). Far the execution goes I find myself preferring 2A because it has this nice balance of a lil girl I adore not, uh, screaming in terror, alongside “matching” the aforementioned theme of corruption… I really wish I could have the line delivery of the 2A (and animations) with the adorbs dress of her 1A, even though I know it wouldn’t make thematic sense.

I guess if I ever luck into her (while not rolling for my own gameplay prefs, I’d sure still welcome her), I’ll keep her in her 1A and quickly turn off the audio if I ever gotta use her NP, hah. Just, man, her VA’s delivery is so good, her 1A makes me so sad.

And yeah, I’d also high a HQ ver of that BG, it’s pretty damn gorge.


the " qliphoth rhizome" voice line for stage 1’s form though

still, stage 2 is certainly my favorite battle form, both in and out of np

An adult version of Abigail, given how honestly i like her attacks and animations would have had me probably renounce my vow of not whaling. I would have rolled for a NP3

I mean abby was never historically an adult to begin with


I’m keeping her at Stage 2 as well.
I don’t really like the tentacles behind her back. Looks kinda off to me.
Though, I don’t really see that much difference between 2 and 3 NP.

honestly, I just plan on stage 2 because KEYS aesthetic is so nice

But what i wonder is: is it like 99% of the FGO Community who is going to roll for her tomorrow?

Is she just so much popoular?

I’m not rolling for her, I’ve settled on Hokusai and MHXX (or whatever the acronym was) for Foreigners.

Me too about MHXX, but i higly doubt i’ll get her this year.
You know, Atalanta Alter and Nitocris Assassin

MHXX is good stuff.


Yep. MHXX my fave of them too. Abby’s adorbs but I partially made my post about future targets in the Saving thread for this reason, so…

abby and mhxx for me

oui would be a welcome bonus, but is otherwise too close to fujinon to be worthwhile

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Bend, bend…