aBOreSSs (+10 type post )

To fill the empty hero slot one must construct the ultimate Skell for the latest finished merge project is…

Pog Ares! Like Prog Ares. but, as the kids put it, more “Poggers”.

Did i build this mudder just because I got myself 3 ares 90s in Xenoblade X? Not entirely, for Ares is also an overall cool dude and I can only hope his wife laylea gets added someday.

Xenoblade chronicles X Spoilers

On the topic of ares and black knights and xcx what’s the deal with this guy

just sorta walking by Lao on the beach all mystery like i got a theory bout it that involves 3 but imma check to make sure it makes sense before posting it

Anyway smash that sparking like button if you want an XCX2


Seriously though more X stuff pls Monolith

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