About a servant pairing in lostbelt 2

There will be some lostbelt 2 spoiler here.

I completed the second lostbelt and enjoyed it a lot. All of the new characters have been a fun addition, especially napoleon. I really liked his interactions with ophelia, wasn’t really expecting it and it seems the majority of the fanbase also liked them.

Which made me think, what if the genders were reversed? If it was a female servant who suddenly proposes to the male enemy crypter in the middle of the fight.
Let’s say we meet a strong, popular female servant during the story, idk let’s say ereshkigal or Jeanne. They join our team, fight with us to restore the world, and then suddenly get the hots for kadoc.

As long as the plot is good, I know that I personally wouldn’t really care.
Do you guys think the fanbase would have reacted differently?

It would have to be someone with a more straightforward personality similar to Napoleon if they were going to be the one doing the flirting and propositioning. I can’t imagine these two, or a large majority of the current Servant list, being that forward. :rofl:

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it would depend on the interactions between them and how the whole thing was handled.


Didn’t musashi do this in lb1 with Billy and holmes?

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I could probably see Musashi doing this, then offering to duel them – if she wins, the loser has to marry her.


Medb comes to mind. Though I don’t think she’s someone for marriage, but rather just having fun and dumping the guy as soon as it’s not fun anymore.

Quetz also comes to mind, since I think she actually made some approaches towards us/Gudao in Babylonia iirc.

Also, Nobu could fit in this description as well. I can totally see that.

Look at the episode of Aphocrypha when Jeanne said she had feelings for Sieg, that TOTALLY went well with the fan base didn’t it? XP
I will also put here that it would be quite impossible with Eresh simply because it has been established that Eresh likes me the Chaldea master, so unless the developer suddenly develop fetish for tons of razor blades, that would be impossible.
As for your suggestion in general, it is not impossible, but the relation must be well established. The story must make the readers believe that the female heroic spirit is capable of doing such things and that the crypter deserve it. Otherwise it will just backfire.


Gee, somehow I see Nero doing it, being very smug all the time, and Kadoc getting really pale and frustrated :fgo_umu:


I think that even with the Napoleon thing, people read it very differently - it’s clearly meant as an otome relationship beat and Ophelia’s entire story is an otome romance don’t @ me . So the equivalent male romantic trope - probably the tough tomboyish character or something.

Others (esp on tungle/twitter) took that as being creepy, so they’d probably hate the reverse. shoutout to the comhet lesbian Ophelia and “Napoleon is creepy” takes, as well as the Minase wrote LB2 takes for completely killing me

The Wodime Caenis pairing is in some capacity mirroring the Ophelia Napoleon pairing - the brash woman and the elegant man (though she doesn’t confess).

Depends how hawt the servant is.

Like if it was a male servant that looked like Caesar, Fergalicous or Gilles de Rais Caster pursuing Ophelia, most would probably feel different about it. In this age and era I’m not sure if Napoleon’s antics are considered endearing or creepy by majority of the fanbase.

If the role reversal did occur I think the fanbase may like it even more because rarely is it portrayed in the reverse imo. But it also depends on our characters. I don’t think any current female servant would fit the bill to play Napoleon’s part. I don’t think any are that forward and persistent about romance. Off the top of my head possible candidates would be: Medb, Nero, Tamamo Caster and Kiyohime. Drake and Quetz may also be possible, but I don’t think they would be too persistent. Maybe Drake because she is a pirate and they like the thrill of capturing a tough treasure (treasure being the Crypter in this case).

Medb is more for flings so that takes the romance out of it for many. Kiyohime tends to be categorized as crazy in love so her portrayal may just be pitying of her at best while learning a very special lesson between love and obsession / mad love. Nero and Tama might be the best fit. They seem like the types who would already proclaim that the Crypter is their husband much to said Crypter’s confusion. Nero I think fits more of persevering to ask for a hand in marriage while I think Tama would be the type to try and get the Crypter to propose instead.

Most likely a new servant would have to be made to fit the part. So the story and her persona can be easier created around the plot rather than fitting in a current servant.

But Musashi does that with everyone, it’s just her personality so you don’t generally give much weight to what she says lol

From the cynical standpoint, we’re unlikely to see the reverse, because Japanese gender roles and cultural stigmas. Women who exercise sexual agency and actually seem to enjoy initiating and participating in sexual behavior aren’t generally portrayed positively.

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She flirts, but I don’t think she makes any open declaration.

Musashi is more like ‘Ohh that boi is cute. We should hang out sometime.’
Napoleon is more like ‘You’re beautiful. I’ve fallen in love with you. Let’s get married. Be my wife.’

One is subtle enough for wriggle room in meaning and intent. (does she like him or is she just making a subjective answer about their looks? Is it friendly or more?) The other is as subtle as one of those cartoon anvils dropping on a cat or a coyote.

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I feel like neither one is meant to be taken seriously, they’re just ways to use buffoonery to emphasize the characters’ free-spirited and irreverent personalities.


I like Napoleon, but his interactions with Ophelia…

I didn’t find him creepy because nothing untoward happened, and it was handwaved as a Weird Servant Thing, but it definitely came out of left field.

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I actually am starting to think the reason we are not going to see the reverse is mainly because the majority of the fanbase is male.

If ophelia was a servant who we could summon to chaldea, there would be more people salty about the pairing.
But since she is human and can’t really be a waifu for most, it falls under the radar.

Well, it wouldn’t be creepy if the genders were reversed. Or at least people would just think it’s cute.

While that might be true i still think it mostly just depends on how it’s handled like others have said.

For example i don’t see anyone having a problem with Bryn and Sigurd, i actually welcome that a lot more than leaving the servants in “forced” open relationships just to make them fall for the self insert MC.

It’s sort of one of those half/half things. It’s mostly for comedic effect that could possibly be used in plot later on. Like Napoleon getting through to Ophelia.

Like Master Roshi and Miroku aren’t to be taken seriously either, but I think a lot of people don’t get or don’t like the joke now.

I mean many servants an their quirks seem out of left field to me when initially meeting them (Elizabeth Bathory - Idol extraordinaire, Danzou - super mecha robo ninja, Hans - Look like a shota but talk like a bara). That’s part of the fun. I don’t think he was creepy either, but I also am ok with Pepe le Pew and find him funny which… general public consensus seems to be Pepe be silently retired.

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That’s probably another reason too. It’s our harem adventure story. Many may not be happy if the newest smexy servant (or an old fanfave) suddenly has the hots for someone greater than us. You can’t really short change Bryn and Sigurd on their pairing since that’s pretty famous in their lore.

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The harem aspect in my opinion is by far the weakest part of fgo. I like the game and I understand the way it brings revenue.

But as someone who got into the fate franchise after watching fate zero, the harem mc aspect really feels out of place. Thankfully it doesn’t play a big part in the main story. However, shinjuku for example with its blatant pandering was very hard to watch. It doesn’t ruin my enjoyment that much, I just feel like it makes some servants appear a bit bland and generic, as in they are just another trope in our harem collection.